There is a saying that bacon makes everything better. Well, camping is pretty awesome in itself, but yes, bacon makes camping even better. Its like having an awesome thing topped with an even more awesome thing! Once we teach you how to make bacon over the campfire, you will never want to go home.

Two of the best campfire cooking supplies around, after the cast iron skillet, are tin foil and skewers. You can make so many different mouth watering tasty things with just a skewer or some tin foil and a campfire. The camping cult classic s’more begins with a marshmallow on a skewer, for example.

To make the best of breakfast meats over the campfire of course we looked to the skewer. The secret to getting evenly crisp and delightful bacon is to weave each strip onto the skewer stick.Leave just a little bit of space between each weave. You want the bacon to be wavy, so that it will look like that old fashioned hard ribbon candy your grandma puts out in a bowl at Christmastime. More than one strip of bacon can be placed on a skewer depending on how long your skewers are, just be sure to leave a few inches of empty skewer at the end.

Get your campfire going and place two good sized rocks or logs on each side to rest the skewers on over the flames. Place your skewers on the logs or rocks across the flames and rotate every 5 or so minutes (sort of rotisserie style) for even cooking.

Bacon has a high fat content and grease will drip into the fire causing flames to flare up. For this reason you will want to stay near the fire to watch for flare-ups and be ready with a spray bottle of water should a flare-up be larger than normal.

Keep rotating and after 30 minutes, you will have nice crispy bacon with the added goodness of a smoky campfire.

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image credit Robert Engberg