There is never not a good time to try out a motor home rental in Seattle. In the northwest we like to enjoy the outdoors all year round, a little bit of rough weather isn’t going to keep us from enjoying the beauty that we are surrounded in. Winter is a slower time for RV adventures but it is still a great time to get out in the wilderness and enjoy an RV vacation.

We love a good Christmas RV vacation. There are many ways to have fun in an RV over the holidays: from exploring new places, to making cute crafts, to playing games, to baking. Yes, that’s right, baking! Using an RV oven is a bit different than the one in your kitchen at home, but you can make some pretty great Christmas treats in your RV kitchen.

Follow these RV oven baking tips, grab your favorite Christmas cookie recipe, and soon your RV will be filled with great smells, holiday cheer, and yummy treats that may bring back your favorite Christmas memories.

Be Prepared and Knowledgable of the Oven Before You Leave.

When planning to do a little holiday baking in your rental it is a good idea to know as much as you can about the oven operation and how the operation of other features in the RV work as well. The more you know about the RV you are renting and how to operate it before you take off on your trip the smoother and more enjoyable your trip is going to be. Before leaving the rental lot make sure to ask every question that pops into your head, your rental agent should be more than happy to thoroughly explain how to operate your RV and ensure your comfort in operating it before you take off.

The Oven is Smaller Requiring Some Adjustments to Your Baking Plan

As stated above, RV ovens are different from ovens placed into home kitchens. To have success in your Christmas cookie making it is best to know these differences and be prepared before you get out the ingredients and whip up the dough.

The biggest difference between an RV oven and a traditional home oven is the size. The RV oven, of course, is considerably smaller than a standard home oven. Smaller bakeware will need to be used and it will take a bit longer to finish baking all the dough because you will be baking smaller batches at a time. If you do not have extra time for the baking process you may want to consider reducing the amount of dough in the recipe.

Another difference is cooking with propane. While some homeowners do have ovens powered by propane in their home, a large percentage of homes have ovens powered with electricity or natural gas. A propane oven, especially a smaller one like in an RV, is typically a bit hotter than other ovens. A great way to help regulate the hotter oven is by using stone bakeware. Another method is to place a baking stone on the lowest wire rack just over the propane flames and then place the tray of cookies on the highest possible position.

Purchase/Bring a Thermometer to be Extra Sure of Baking Success

An additional thermometer will help you to be sure that the oven temperature is accurate to the dial setting for the oven. Simply pre-heat the oven and double check the temperature before placing the unbaked cookies inside.

Now that you know a little about RV ovens you are ready to get baking! May we suggest a few of our favorite recipes to enjoy?

  1. World’s Best Sugar Cookies
  2. Betty Crocker Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies
  3. Three Ingredient Holiday Thumbprints
  4. Gingerbread Cutout Cookies

Happy Baking!

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