Home for the holidays. It’s the destination that every one talks about this time of year. There are songs, poems and even movies named after this seasonal dream. So many people dream of being cozy and relaxed surrounded by their favorite people in the place they love the best.

We love home as much as the next person and especially love being with loved ones during the holidays. May we suggest getting out on the open road in an RV this season? Before you call us crazy, hear us out on our reasons why taking a holiday RV vacation can be quite nice.

  1. Christmas Break
  2. Holiday Deals
  3. Host from the RV
  4. Have a Romantic Getaway
  5. Celebrate Anywhere with the Right People

Work tends to slow down for most companies and the kids are out of school you have time to get away. Make great holiday memories your kids will cherish into their adulthood. Maybe even relive some of your fondest childhood memories by getting out and away from the holiday bustle, or just bring back the childhood wonder of the season by leaving all the business behind at home.

RVing is a great budget friendly vacation any time of year, but it is even more budget friendly during the holidays. Typically RV rentals slow down during this time so you can find some great RV rental deals and maybe even stay in a more luxurious option than you might have chosen during peak season in the summer. You can also find great resort rates and other discounts for travel during this time of year.

There is no reason to give up on the big holiday dinner. You can host it from the comfort of your RV. The RV kitchen is going to be smaller, but you can still put out a very good spread from the RV. For some tips for hosting a feast check out our article on hosting Thanksgiving from your RV. You can use these tips for hosting a feast in an RV anytime.

Maybe you and your spouse don’t have kids yet, or you are empty nesters. Maybe your kids head off to see relatives for a few days during their holiday break. What better time to plan a special trip for just you and your favorite person. Allow yourself to reconnect by getting away together. Make it a surprise and give a holiday RV trip as a present.

I think we can all agree that as long as the important people in our lives are present we can celebrate anywhere. The most important part of the holidays is remembering the reason for them with the people we love. Invite everyone you know to take the adventure with you and try something new this year.

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