Ask any RV traveler what they are grateful for this year and traveling the open road is probably at or near the top of the list. Traveling in an RV allows you to go so many places for a lower cost than other forms of travel. Why not take a trip over Thanksgiving?

Autumn is a great time to get away in an RV. Many families get together for a vacation away from their homes for the holidays. If this is you, or your family is looking for a new tradition to make theirs’ we have some great tips for cooking up a feast from an RV.

Have the Right Tools

The great thing about an RV is you bring a kitchen with you. One of the setbacks when cooking a large feast, is that the RV kitchen is not as big as many home kitchens. The oven and stove may not be as large as you are used to. May we suggest bringing in a couple of trusty helpers that RVers enjoy cooking with year round; the IntstaPot and the Crockpot.

These great cooking helpers are like having a sous chef to help you with the side dishes. Even better they take up very little space in the RV kitchen. Some people swear by making mash potatoes in a crock pot.

Cook Outside

For more cooking space make use of your campsite. If its raining fold out the awning and use your new “patio” space for grilling. Many campgrounds have grills in each camping space. The grill is a great place to cook up some vegetables or even just a turkey breast. If you have a smaller crowd or white meat lovers grill up just the turkey breast or two.

How about a deep fried bird? The outdoors is a great safe place to try a turkey fryer. Make sure you treat it the same as a campfire. Give it plenty of space from other flammable objects and always keep an eye on it. Deep fried turkey is so juicy with nice crispy skin and it cooks up in a fraction of the time it takes to roast one.

Friends and family gathered for picnic dinner for Thanksgiving. Festive young people celebrating life with red wine, grapes, cheese platter, and a selection of cold meats

Consider Less Food

Thanksgiving is all about a huge feast, but with the limited space you may want to keep your feast a little more scaled back. Hosting Thanksgiving in an RV limits your space so to make things less stressful plan to have enough food to satisfy just the number of guests at the table without copious amounts of leftovers. Start with just cooking the must have traditional favorites like turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce; or whatever your family deems as the traditional thanksgiving staples.

With the right prep, Thanksgiving in an RV could be your best holiday yet, especially with a luxurious, spacious RV from NW Adventure Rentals!

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