For families with pets, there is no better vacation than an RV camping trip. You can take your furry family member(s) with you and not have to worry about extra travel charges or having to leave them behind with a dog sitter or doggie day care.

RV traveling with dogs is something many RV travelers enjoy. More and more RV travelers are purchasing and renting RVs with the comfort of their pooches in mind. If you are traveling with your pet, their comfort is important for their enjoyment as well as yours. Below we have put together some quick tips to make RV travel with a dog a little easier.

Before You Leave

  1. Give Your Dog Some Time to Get Used to the RV– Bring your RV home a day or two before you take off on your trip. Let the dog climb aboard and explore the RV to get comfy with their surroundings. Once they have gotten acquainted, take them for a short ride around town to get used to being in the moving RV.
  2. Good Doggie Manners– One of the most common complaints about dogs in the camping world is a dog barking while hanging out in the RV. A dog barking up a storm at other campers and dogs walking past the RV disrupts the peace of the outdoors for everyone. Consider training your pooch or finding some calming techniques for these instances.
  3. Decide on Travel Safety– Be sure to keep your pet safe while in transit. Maybe your dog is comfy in a crate, while some other dogs prefer to be buckled into a seat to take in their surroundings.

Packing for Your Pooch

  1. Bring the Necessities– Basic pet needs include food, water, dishes, a leash, and comfy bedding. Don’t forget to grab some poo bags as well.
  2. Plenty of Water– Water is very important for dogs. They should have a constant supply of fresh water. A rubber mat placed under the water bowl will help catch spills and keep the bowl from sliding around the RV.
  3. Comfort Items– Bring some of your pet’s favorite toys or their bedding to help comfort them and make them feel at home on the open road.
  4. Bathing Supplies– There are so many messy adventures to camping so don’t forget to pack the grooming supplies should your dog go all out in the outdoors. Don’t forget the brush as well.

Plan Ahead

  1. When you decide on your destination or destinations make sure that each camping spot is indeed dog friendly. No one wants to show up to a campsite after a long day of travel only to find a no pets allowed sign. Call ahead to know for sure that pets are welcome and what restrictions there may be where pets are concerned.

Be Patient and Take Your Time

  1. Stop for a Short Break About Every Three Hours– your dog will need a chance to get out and walk around and have a chance to go to the bathroom. It is also nice for the driver to be able to get out and stretch.

Traveling with your dog can be great fun with a little preparation. For more information on RV travel and RV rentals please feel free to browse our website of luxury Seattle motorhomes and travel trailers. Or contact us anytime.