Teardrop trailers are those cute rounded small trailers that look like a blast from the past and have become popular over the last couple of years. Their name comes from their shape with a rounded streamlined roof.

These trailers look vintage because they are a nod to the originals first created over 80 years ago. There are still a few original teardrops on the road as it has become a hobby of some people to find them and lovingly restore them. They were very common from the 1930’s to the 1950’s and many of them were built by their owners right in their own garages. They became popular because of their sleek aerodynamic looks and design along with construction using lightweight materials.

Teardrops are pretty compact normally ranging in size from just 8 to 10 feet long, 4 to 6 feet wide, and 4 to 5 feet high. The wheels are outside the body of the trailer and covered by fenders.

The earliest teardrops were advertised plans in magazines for people to construct their own trailer. One of the most notable traits being the kitchenette accessible by lifting a hatch-like door on the very back. Following World War II a company called Kit Manufacturing produced the “Kit Kamper” teardrop trailer. Providing all the materials in a kit to build yourself. The company soon realized the public would rather purchase a completely built trailer and they decided to produce their trailers fully assembled. The trailer was 4 by 8 feet. Between 1946 and 1947 they produced a total of 4,500 Kit Kampers.

The popularity of the teardrop trailer faded with the popularity of larger vehicles during a time when fuel prices were low. In 1948 the company began producing an 8 X 14 foot “coach” trailer and the teardrop assembly had ended.

Recently more and more tiny teardrops have been popping back up on the road again. These small trailers pack just enough luxuries to enjoy a road trip adventure without the demand of a big towing vehicle. They can even be pulled by something as small as a VW beetle.`

Teardrop trailers have become a thing once again for the same reasons that tiny houses are all the rage; they provide a practical budget friendly, and even quirkily trendy way to go camping. You can fit three adults or a young family inside and hit the road in search of an outdoor adventure.

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