Camping in a trailer requires a little extra set up to get ready for your outdoor getaway. You will have to level your trailer to get it comfy and ready to stay inside. Many features in your trailer will only work as intended when it is properly leveled. Not leveling your trailer can also cause extra wear or tear on the RV.

We have put together four leveling tips to get you set up and ready to camp.

  1. Have the Proper Tools
  2. Start by Leveling Side to Side
  3. Level Front to Back
  4. Stabilize

A large number of newer trailers have sophisticated leveling systems, but if you are using a trailer that does not have its own fancy system you will want these tools handy:

  • 4 to 8 short 2×10 boards in good shape to place under stabilizers or jacks
  • If you don’t have a built in level you will want a contractor’s level or other dependable level
  • Tire chocks
  • Leveling blocks

When leveling out a trailer you need to start with the side to side leveling first. You will want to do the side to side leveling before you unhook your towing vehicle from the trailer. Start by placing the level on the floor inside the trailer to see how level it is and what side needs to be raised. Raise the lower side onto the leveling blocks as soon as you do that chock the tires. Now you are almost ready to unhitch the trailer from the vehicle.

Lay down your 2×10 sections under the tongue jack before unhitching the trailer from the tow vehicle. This will provide a spot for the tongue jack to rest while stationary and help keep the leveling in place. The tongue jack can be used to raise the front end of the trailer to the needed height using your level.

Once the trailer is level on all sides it is time to make sure it stays in place. The stabilizing jacks are there to keep your trailer in place after you have leveled it. It is a good idea to use the boards you brought along to place under the stabilizing jacks to help keep them in place. When you are done putting the stabilizers in place and everything is level you are ready to camp!

Leveling a trailer seems like an arduous task, but it is truly important to the comfort and functionality of your trailer. Once you have your unit nice and level you are ready to begin your outdoor adventure.

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