Going on a road trip can be the makings of a fun family memory or many memories. If you were ever on a road trip with your family as a kid you would probably agree it is one of your most vivid childhood memories. Kids love family adventure, but when you are little being in the car for long periods of time can get boring. Here are some fun games the whole family can play together on the road to keep the everyone entertained and maybe give a break from electronic devices.

License Plate Games

There are so many great games you can play using the license plates of cars traveling down the road next to you.

  • Alphabet Plates: Starting with A look for all of the letters in the alphabet on other car’s plates in alphabetical order. Rules are you can only use one letter per plate/car. When you get to the end of the alphabet you can continue by looking for doubles. This is a great game for really young children who do not yet read or spell, but recognize their letters.
  • License Letter Scrambler: Pick a particular plate and have everyone try to find the best word using the letters on the plate. This game is easier to play in slow traffic where plates are not moving quickly. This game is also good for large groups.
  • Out of State Plates: Look for plates that are out of state. The person who finds the most wins. This can get even more challenging when you are in a state other than your own.

Camp Themed Spelling Bee

This game is easy to set up with no score to keep; if someone gets a word wrong they are out. Use categories and words that correlate with your trip. Some universal camping word suggestions are:

  • Trees: maple, mulberry, chestnut, evergreen, pine, etc.
  • Camping Gear: tent, campsite, lantern, motorhome, trailer, flashlight, rope, hammock, raft, fishing pole, etc.
  • Activities: hiking, biking, fishing, napping, walking, sleeping, games, crafting, etc.
  • General Camping Words: wilderness, forest, trail, water, lake, mountain, campground, bear, ranger, etc.
  • Extra points for certain colors like yellow or brown or red
  • Extra points for the vintage bug models over the newer models
  • Extra points for finding other models of vintage VW vehicles

Outdoors ABCs

Take the theme of the outdoors or maybe use the destination you are traveling to and have people think of items related to the topic that start with a certain letter. The first person has to think of a relating word that starts with A the next person says that item and one that starts with B. This is a great game that can get challenging as you get further through the alphabet. It is good for older children.

Good Ol’ Slug Bug

This is a game well known by almost everyone. It is great for small ones who do not know it and it is easy enough for very young players. Every one keeps an eye out for a VW bug car and can tap the ceiling and call out “slug bug!” when they spot one. (As opposed to the old fashion rules of slugging the person next to you, which can cause children to break into a fight). There are also some fun twists you can throw in to make the game harder like….

Who Am I?

Each person takes a turn pretending to be a famous person or someone well known by the group. They will give three clues to everyone else about who the person is. Everyone else then tries to guess who it is.

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