Today’s technology is impressive and in many ways makes our lives easier and more efficient. Having mini computers in our hands and the entire internet at our fingertips 24/7 allows us to do a myriad of things we couldn’t do just a decade ago. There is a down side to all the marvels of technology and the amazing mobile devices we use so often during the day. it can quickly begin to suck away large chunks of our time. For some, the waking hours we spend on our devices is into the 90th percentile.

This is why over the past few years a new New Year’s resolution has begun to climb to the top of the most popular list right up there with fitness, diet, and organization. It is cutting back on the use of technology, the internet, and social media. There is so much life out there beyond what we see in a screen. This is why many people this time of year choose to detox from technology and unplug for a bit.

A great way to get unplugged and take in the world around us is to grab a nearby Seattle RV rental and take an outdoor adventure.

Before we head into why camping is so great for a technology detox, let’s talk about why detoxing from technology is great in general. For some this is a harder resolution than others. Some of us don’t remember a time when the internet and the cell phone didn’t exist. There is so much good that can come from putting the devices down without even checking them even if just for a few hours.

  • You can have a face to face conversation with a friend in real time and it is surprising how much this is deeply satisfying to our soul to converse with someone without distraction.
  • We don’t realize this until it is out of control, but technology and being constantly stimulated is stressing us out. We need to slow down, unwind, de-stress. It will add years back to your life.
  • It is not so great for the eyes. Staring at a lit up screen for several hours has a detrimental effect on your eyesight.
  • It is bad for the back and neck. Very few people hold their devices correctly to look at them, thus being hunched over or looking down and craning their neck and head forward. According to recent studies this is putting an immense amount of strain on the neck and back that will have you seeking medical attention if prolonged for too long. We were not made to stare downward for long periods of time.

So why hop in an RV rental and set out for the wilderness to unplug?

There is something about getting out into nature that is healing to the mind and soul. Depending on the activities you do, it can be healthy for the body as well. You are up and active and discovering beauty. Living at a simpler pace and taking time to enjoy and appreciate all that is around. When you are out in nature there is so much to love that you wont even miss the technology after a day or two.

Go accomplish your goal of less dependence on technology. Rent a motorhome or travel trailer from NW Adventure Rentals in Seattle and enjoy a slower pace of life. Our fantastic team can help you find your perfect RV in our fleet of vehicles; simply visit the contact page on our website or give us a call!