Renting an RV is a great way to enjoy camping without the commitment or cost of owning an RV. An RV is like a mini moving hotel room, and many families like to purchase or rent one to save large amounts of money on vacations. Maybe you have seen an RV going down the road with a large “RENT WITH US” sign plastered along the entire side of an RV and thought about renting an RV yourself.

At NW Adventure Rentals, we have a whole fleet of beautiful, luxury Seattle RVs ready to take on an adventure, but there is one thing you won’t see on our RVs; and that is the large advertising on the side of the vehicles.

It’s one of the things our customers love most about our service, and here’s why.

The Ability to Blend In

Having a larger-than-life advertisement on the side of a moving vehicle draws some attention. Some folks may tend to think that this type of advertising is not the most attractive and draws both positive and negative attention. For most people on vacation they just want to relax and enjoy their getaway without getting noticed everywhere they go.

If you are renting for the first time, you are probably nervous enough about doing things correctly, such as driving and settling into a camp site without everyone looking at you. You don’t want to stick out as the newbie among a crowd of avid campers. An unmarked RV will allow you to blend in and relax a bit more.


Having an RV with a big rental sign on the side leads onlookers to believe it is okay to ask a series of questions about the RV rental process while you are on the road trying to enjoy your vacation. It is not uncommon for people to approach RV renters with big signs on the RV and ask them if they can take a quick peek inside the RV, inquire as to how much it costs, and question what the set up process is like. Not many people enjoy random strangers doing this when they are trying to catch a break and “get away from it all”.


Even if you are vacationing out in the wilderness, you are not completely removed from the possibility of theft. In any RV, when you leave it, you should make sure everything is properly secured, especially when making a quick stop at a restaurant, gas station, store, etc. Thieves like to target vulnerable people, which includes tourists and people on vacation. A huge rental advertisement on the side of the RV is a bigger target to thieves.

Going on a vacation is exciting and meant to be a stress reliever. When you are on vacation and are renting an RV, you want to make the process as stress, hassle, and worry free as possible. NW Adventure Rentals strives to give our customers the best and most helpful RV rental experience around.

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