Duct tape or Duck Tape is one of the fix-all wonders of the world, so why not bring a roll along on your next camping trip? There are innumerable things you can do with duct tape while camping, and we have listed just a few below.

Repairing Tears

Got a rip or hole in your tent, tarp, sleeping bag, backpack, etc.? Give it a temporary fix with duct tape. Place a long enough strip over the rip or tear on both the front and the back side to hold it together long enough until you get back home to do a patch job.

Make a Rope

Twisted and braided strands of duct tape can be used when you need a non-load bearing rope and do not have one.

Keep Food Wrapped Up Tight

It is important to keep all food tightly closed and out of reach of animals. A small strip of duct tape makes a great re-usable seal to keep snacks closed up. An added bonus to closing things tightly is keeping them fresh.

Wrap a Sprained Ankle

If you are out and about and lose your footing, but don’t have proper medical tape duct tape will come through in a pinch. You can temporarily stabilize the ankle with duct tape. Interestingly enough there are some great YouTube videos that can show you how to do it.

Fly Paper

Flies are common little pests out in the woods, especially during meal time. Place a strip of tape near areas flies like to gather (just like a strip of sticky fly paper) and watch them gather in the strip and get stuck there.

Go Spear Fishing

If the fish in the water nearby are biting but you didn’t bring a pole, you can create a spear with just a stick, a knife, and some duct tape. Simply grab a sturdy stick and attach the knife to the end of it with plenty of duct tape. Now you are ready to spear fish.

Cushion a Painful Blister

If you are an active type of camper, a person who is constantly moving and exploring, you may find yourself with a blister. Walking around with a blister is painful, but the last thing you want to do is pop it. Cover or cushion your blister or even a sore area where a blister is about to form to prevent further pain.

Leave a Trail Marker

If you are hiking a little known trail that is not clearly marked, leave a piece of duct tape every so often as you go. Just make sure to leave it in a less obvious area to avoid some one else thinking it’s litter, and also make sure to pick the pieces up as you return to deposit them in the trash when you arrive back at camp.

Hold Down a Table Cloth

Your plan of setting up a picnic table to have a nice meal outside is squashed when the wind blows your cloth up and onto the table top. Keep your table cloth in its place with a few strips of duct tape holding the corners down.

Keep Water in Your Bottle

Duct tape can fix a small leak in a water bottle when you are out and far away from a place to purchase a new one.

There are so many great uses for duct tape at your camp site that we could take forever trying to list them. One thing is for sure you want duct tape in your camping tool kit.

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Image above modified with permission from Mike Mozart Flickr