One of the most frequently asked questions by RV renters and brand new RV owners is “where should I or can I go in an RV?” The answer to this question is limitless and different for each state and area.

Before you begin your great outdoor adventure, you will want to ask what exactly it is that you want in a campground. Are you looking to truly get as far away from civilization as possible and camp without any amenities except what is in the RV? Do you prefer to stay in a resort-type camping space with lots of people and more creature comforts? Whatever is more your style, there is a camping spot to fit your needs.

Let’s look at the different types of campsites and campable places around the country that are great for RV camping.

Public and Private Campgrounds

These are the most easy to locate in any area as long as you have a search engine or campground directory. A campground directory is a large book full of every campsite in a specific area that includes the price, location, amenities and general overview of each campground. Most private and public campgrounds will offer some range of amenities which could include anything from primitive toilets to full hookups, wifi, showers, and even laundry.

Make sure to read as much as you can about a campground and look for the amenities to determine if it is a spot you will want to stay in. Also look for the size limitations for RVs; some campgrounds only accommodate smaller RVs.

Public Camping Locations

These include state and national parks, forest service land, Bureau of Land Management properties, US Army Corps of Engineers land, and Fish and Wildlife Service properties. Each of these places will have their own website and are a treasure trove of camping locations. Make sure you know the camping rules of each location; they may all be public properties but the expectations for campers vary.

Find Great Campgrounds by Searching Camping/RV Club websites

Not only will these sites have lists of great campsites in the area you wish to travel to, they often have discussion forums about people’s opinions and experiences at different sites. Some will even have insider tips to make your trip in certain places more enjoyable or cost effective.

Free Overnight Camping Spots

There are some places that you can spend just one night for free without having to boondock out in the wilderness, such as the parking lots of Walmart stores and casinos. These are great short stops for those that plan to take longer RV trips like the great American cross-country road trip.

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