With Autumn also comes cold season. It is no fun when someone comes down with a bug while on the camping trip, especially because an RV can become tight quarters for sickness to easily spread to everyone.

Here are some ways to keep your sick travel partners comfortable so they can get well, and to keep the germs from spreading to others while camping in the close confines of an RV.

Fresh Air

One of the ways we catch colds from those that are sick is being in small spaces with them for long periods of time. RVs, even the largest ones, are pretty close quarters. A great way to get air moving is to open up those windows as long as it is not super chilly outside. Open up the door as well.

Clean Surfaces

Anything a sick person comes in contact with becomes a petri dish for the cold virus. Make sure all surfaces are wiped down regularly and be aware of surfaces that like to hold onto and breed bacteria, making us even more sick. Mainly anything with pores and crevices. Some areas to make sure are extra clean include: bath mats, hand towels, bed linens, door knobs, faucet handles, light switches, etc.

Separate the Sick Person into Comfy Quarters

This is beneficial both for the sick person and for everyone else in the RV. A sick person needs lots of rest to get back to 100%, so giving them a comfy place to lay around/hang out and rest will help get them back to optimal health. The best place would be the RV bedroom if there is one with the door closed to keep exposure to germs at a minimum. They can also have a quiet place to relax and maybe even watch some TV/videos.

Have a Restroom Plan

A sick person is going to need more frequent use of the facilities, whether to take a quick steamy shower or because they are drinking more fluids. If you have children traveling with you it is a good idea to ask them to use the campground facilities instead of sharing the restroom and spreading germs. Make sure to sanitize the restroom frequently.

Fill the Air

`Boost everyone’s immune system by placing a cut up fresh lemon and a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in a crock pot and covering with water. Turn the crockpot on and let it fill the air with a pleasant scent that also helps to open stuffy airways and help keep germs at bay.

Some Other Common Practices to Use All Year Long to Prevent Sickness

  • Wash hands frequently, especially before meals. Make sure you use plenty of soap and wash long enough ( at least 20 full seconds- enough to sing the happy birthday song twice) and get in between fingers and under fingernails.
  • Avoid touching/rubbing your eyes, mouth, nose unless you have just scrubbed your hands.
  • Be aware of going out in public and coming in contact with germ-filled surfaces such as public restrooms, grocery cart handles, gas pumps, etc.
  • Meeting new friends while camping is part of the fun and a common part of camping culture, but be aware of shaking hands.
  • Sharing phones and electronic devices, these are huge germ breeding grounds.
  • Eating healthy, taking vitamins, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough rest.
  • Being pro-active when someone begins to feel even the littlest of symptoms will help you to enjoy your RV trip more and keep everyone from feeling crummy.

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Image By mcfarlandmo [CC BY 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0)], via Wikimedia Commons