Get ready for an unforgettable RV camping adventure by ensuring you have all the essentials packed and ready to go. While you won’t need to bring sleeping bags or a tent, as the RV provides all necessary sleeping and comfort items, you’ll likely spend time outside too. Here’s a handy list of things to bring along for your RV camping trip to ensure you’re well-prepared for outdoor activities:

Camping chairs

When it comes to campfire chairs, the choices are abundant, catering to every camper’s comfort preferences. From reclining and enveloping designs to minimalist foldout models, there’s a chair suited for every need. Opting for foldout chairs is ideal for hikers or those on long walks, providing a convenient spot to rest and recharge. Ensure you have enough chairs for everyone in your group, easily storable in your RV during travel. Come evening, set up your chairs around the campfire, basking in the warmth and camaraderie. Choose the perfect campfire chair to enhance your outdoor experience and relax in style amidst nature’s beauty.

Outdoor camping supplies

Outdoor camping games

Maximize your RV rental adventure by adding a range of outdoor games perfect for camping excursions. Whether it’s the timeless enjoyment of ladder golf or the refined appeal of croquet, there’s something for every camper to relish. From football to cornhole, lawn darts, frisbees, and more, the possibilities are endless. Pack your preferred sports equipment to elevate your outdoor experience and forge enduring memories with loved ones. With a diverse selection of games on hand, your RV camping journey promises fun and excitement for all ages.

Devices for geocaching

Embark on an exhilarating global scavenger hunt with geocaching during your RV rental adventure, an incredible family activity that promotes bonding. Equip yourself with a handheld GPS device or simply download the app on your smartphone to kickstart your treasure-hunting journey. Follow GPS coordinates to discover hidden treasures like logbooks, trinkets, and toys nestled in lock and lock boxes. Whether you’re exploring local parks, scenic trails, or remote destinations, geocaching promises boundless excitement for adventurers of all ages. Infuse an additional layer of thrill into your RV trip by engaging in this worldwide treasure hunt, crafting cherished memories with loved ones along the way.

Outdoor games you need

Essential cooking items for your RV

Prepare for your RV rental adventure by ensuring you’re well-prepared for outdoor cooking with essential barbecue tools. Equip yourself with hot dog and marshmallow sticks, a grill pan for campfires, and sturdy cast iron pots and pans designed to withstand high temperatures. Enhance your outdoor dining experience by considering a portable table for your S’mores station or condiment setup.

Moreover, a cooler is essential for storing beverages like soda, water, beer, or cider, especially if your RV lacks an outdoor refrigerator. With a cooler at hand, you can conveniently access refreshing drinks without having to retreat into the RV, maximizing convenience and enjoyment during your outdoor excursions.

A Tarp for your RV

Maintain the cleanliness of your RV throughout your rental adventure by incorporating a tarp or artificial turf mat outside your vehicle. This straightforward yet efficient measure acts as a barrier against mud, grass, and dirt, reducing the likelihood of these elements being tracked inside. By establishing a protective layer between your RV and the ground, you can uphold a pristine living environment and minimize the need for interior cleaning. Consider investing in a high-quality tarp or artificial turf mat to elevate the comfort and cleanliness of your RV rental journey.

Outdoor tent for your RV

When setting out on your RV rental adventure, remember to include a canopy or shelter tent to cover your picnic table. This versatile accessory offers valuable protection from rain and other elements, enabling you to fully enjoy the outdoor experience. Ideal for enhancing comfort and versatility in your camping setup, a canopy or shelter tent ensures you can indulge in outdoor dining and relaxation regardless of the weather conditions. Prepare for any situation during your RV journey by packing this essential item, elevating your overall comfort and enjoyment.

If you have more items that are essential to your camping trip it can be used outside of the RV please let us know. We’d love to add to this blog post.

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