When you plan on camping with a recreational vehicle there are a lot of things that you just don’t need compared to camping in a tent. You won’t need to bring sleeping bags, the tent of course, things to keep you warm because the RV will provide all of the necessary items for adequate sleeping and comfortability. But, you probably won’t spend your entire vacation inside the RV, however nice it is. So here’s a good list of things to bring along when camping in an RV that you might need to use outside of the RV.

Campfire chairs. There are some great camping chairs out there. You can even get ones that recline, lay back, or completely envelop you and comfort. Or, you can go really minimalistic and just get the ones that fold out and just have enough room for your derrière. These foldout ones are great if you plan on going hiking or for a long walk that day and need a good place to simply sit down, rest and relax. Make sure you bring a chair for everyone in your party. They can easily be stored in the RV when you’re moving and then you could bring them out, set them up around the campfire and enjoy the coziness of the fire from your own chair.

Outdoor games. There are plenty of outdoor games that are ideal for camping. Ladder golf is a great outdoor game as is croquet, football, corn hole, lawn darts, frisbees and just about any type of sports equipment you can think of.

Devices for geocaching. Geocaching is a great family event that brings everyone together on a global scavenger hunt. Bring along a handheld GPS or you can download the app from your smart phone. The GPS will direct you to coordinates where you are likely to find small hidden objects, logbooks, or even huge lock and lock boxes filled with trinkets and toys. This global scavenger hunt can be played literally anywhere in the entire world.

Equipment for outdoor cooking. This could be a barbecue, sticks for hot dogs and marshmallows, a grill pan for the campfire, cast iron pots and durable pans that can withstand the heat of the fire. You may also want to bring along a little portable table to set up your S’more station or for condiments for hot dogs and hamburgers.

A cooler. Unless you go with an RV that have an outdoor refrigerator, a cooler is a great way to store excess pop, water, beer or cider. It’s easily attainable and you don’t have to get into the RV to get a cold beverage.

Tarp. A tarp or artificial turf mat is a great thing to lay down on the outside of the RV so that you don’t track mud, grass and dirt into the RV on your shoes. This is a great barrier between the RV and the ground.

Outdoor tent. I’m not talking about a tent you would sleep in; this is the tent that you would put up over your picnic table to shield you from any rain. This is a great tool to keep on hand just in case you want a little more protection from the elements and yet still enjoy the outdoors.

If you have more items that are essential to your camping trip it can be used outside of the RV please let us know. We’d love to add to this blog post.

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