Embark on an unforgettable RV adventure amidst the captivating landscapes of Wallowa, Oregon, immersing yourself in the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. While Wallowa County may not frequently grace ‘Top 5’ lists, this hidden gem boasts a harmonious fusion of natural wonders, cultural gems, and family-friendly activities, catering to travelers of all ages.

In this concise guide, we extend a warm invitation to explore the myriad delights of Wallowa, Oregon, from the comfort and freedom of your RV. Experience the seamless melding of outdoor exploration and relaxation, as you delve into the heart of this picturesque destination.


Outdoor Adventures For Everyone

For families seeking a getaway that’s equal parts relaxing and equal parts exciting, Wallowa is a dream come true. Inside the park, you’ll find lots of outdoor activities like:

Horseback Riding

Discover the Old West allure with a captivating horseback riding excursion through Wallowa County’s enchanting valleys and meadows. Numerous ranches in the vicinity provide guided rides, offering a chance to immerse yourself in nature and embrace the rustic charm.

For those passionate about hiking, the breathtaking Wallowa Mountains beckon. Delve into the splendor of the Eagle Cap Wilderness, renowned for its vast array of hiking trails catering to all skill levels. With nearly a dozen trails to explore, this destination promises an unforgettable experience, worthy of multiple visits.

Rafting and Fishing

Calling all adventurous souls! Prepare for an exhilarating whitewater rafting adventure along the scenic Wallowa River. Anglers, rejoice! Discover abundant fishing opportunities in both the river and the lake, where you can reel in trout, kokanee salmon, and more. Don’t miss out on these thrilling outdoor experiences in Wallowa, Oregon!

Wallowa Lake Tramway

Experience the breathtaking beauty of Wallowa Lake and its picturesque surroundings from a one-of-a-kind vantage point aboard the Wallowa Lake Tramway. Ascend Mount Howard on this aerial tramway for unparalleled panoramic views of the stunning Wallowa Valley and the majestic Eagle Cap Wilderness. Don’t miss this opportunity to witness the awe-inspiring landscapes of Wallowa, Oregon, from a bird’s-eye perspective!

Wallowa Lake Beach

Discover tranquility at the serene shores of Wallowa Lake, where Wallowa Beach beckons with its natural beauty and peaceful ambiance. With sandy beaches and supervised swimming zones, children can delight in snorkeling and beach play while parents unwind along the shore. The scenic backdrop of the Wallowa Mountains enhances the beach’s charm, providing a picturesque setting for picnics, leisurely strolls, and unforgettable sunsets. Whether you crave relaxation or thrilling water adventures, Wallowa Beach in Oregon offers an idyllic retreat for families and nature enthusiasts alike.

Scenic Drives and Hidden Gems

Embark on a breathtaking journey through the stunning landscapes of Wallowa Valley with scenic drives that captivate the senses. Meandering roads traverse lush meadows, verdant farmlands, and dense forests, all set against the majestic backdrop of snow-capped peaks. Keep a lookout for wildlife sightings and the enchanting changes of the seasons, enhancing each drive with soulful encounters. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s finest beauty while exploring Wallowa, Oregon!

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Need some city adventure on your trip?

While parents enjoy serene days on the water, kids often crave opportunities to burn energy or explore nearby towns. Fortunately, within a few miles, Wallowa offers an array of activities typically found only in larger cities. From outdoor adventures to cultural exploration, there’s something for everyone.

Scenic Meadows

Take a short 30 minute drive over to Scenic Meadows and let the kids go wild while you relax. At this RV park you’ll find tons of activities for both children and parents alike, they have go-kart racing, mini golf courses, a horseshoe pit, a basketball court, a sand volleyball court, a ping pong table, an arcade, and more!

History Lessons

For history enthusiasts, Wallowa’s vibrant heart pulses with rich cultural heritage and historical significance. Delve into the past at the Wallowa County Museum and the Oregon Trail Interpretive Park, where you can uncover fascinating insights into the region’s history. Step back in time to the pioneer era and discover the arduous journey of the Oregon Trail, gaining a deeper appreciation for Wallowa’s historical roots.

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RV Campground Options

Wallowa Lake State Park

Stay inside the park itself on a campground surrounded on three sides by 9,000ft tall snow-capped mountains and a large, clear lake. The lake is a popular fishing and boating site, and you’ll have instant access to all the outdoor activities we mentioned above like hiking wilderness trails, horseback riding, bumper boats, canoeing, miniature golf or ride a tramway to the top of one of the mountains.

Scenic Meadows RV Park

Scenic Meadows offers fun, recreation and enjoyment for the whole family with the wide range of activities we mentioned earlier. Scenic Meadows RV Park has 16 RV spaces and 2 tent spaces.There are clean, modern restroom facilities if you feel like getting out of the RV for a bit.

Park at the River

A beautiful and peaceful setting for a perfect vacation at Wallowa Lake. Located on the Upper Wallowa River across the street from Eagle Cap Chalets, our deluxe RV Park offers 48 full hookup sites, cable TV included. The park offers wonderful views of Chief Joseph Mountain and the river.

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Embrace the RV Lifestyle

An RV journey to Wallowa, Oregon, offers unparalleled freedom and flexibility. Travelers can chart their own course, relishing the spontaneity that comes with hitting the open road. Embrace the allure of life on wheels, where every sunrise unfolds a new horizon and every night brings a peaceful slumber beneath the stars.

The RV lifestyle provides a comfortable and convenient home-away-from-home, ensuring cherished family moments during the entire adventure. So, pack your bags, pick out one of our RVs, and let the enchantment of Wallowa unfold before your eyes. Happy travels!