Though RVs are large vehicles and they are made to be a home away from home it is very possible to overload them. When an RV is overloaded it can be very dangerous. The way you load the RV is very important not just in overall weight but also weight distribution. Loading RV supplies has a significant impact on how the vehicle handles. You can put the safety of the passengers at stake by overloading an RV.

RV Load Ratings

The load rating for an RV can be found on the certification tag which can be located in several different areas on the RV. Here are the standard areas to find them in each type of RV:

  • Motorhomes: on the door edge/pillar, or near the driver’s seat on the inside of the cabin area
  • Pickup Camper: on the back exterior wall
  • Travel Trailer: on the left front exterior wall
  • Towing Vehicles: on driver side door frame

If you are concerned with the amount of weight you are packing into the RV you can always weigh it to be extra sure you are safe. You will need to weigh your RV on a commercial scale. You can look up a local place to weigh your RV on the internet or the good old yellow pages.

Springs, wheels, axels, tires, and maneuverability are all effected by an overloaded RV. Distribute weight as evenly as possible when loading the RV this is very crucial to being able to control the RV while turning.

If you are using a camper that fits in a truck bed weight distribution is a little different. You want to pay attention to weight distribution limits, center of gravity zones, and also make sure not to create a tail-heavy or top-heavy situation.

So just be aware of how much your are actually loading into your RV and make sure to evenly pack it on each side. To be certain your ride is not too heavy you can always weigh it at a near by business with the right scale.

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Image By Motorhomes (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons