We can all agree that it is very easy to end up spending large sums of money on a vacation. This is why blogs and websites that show us secrets on how to save money or vacation on a budget continue to grow in popularity. Who doesn’t like to save money? Even if budget isn’t really an issue.

One of the largest expenses you may find on an RV adventure is paying for gas to keep it rolling. Gas is not cheap even just to fill up a car. In many places the price of gasoline rises during summer months due to supply and demand. There are things you can do in your RV to help with fuel efficiency, and save you money to use for other things like sweet souvenirs from quirky roadside stands.

RV Gas Saving Tips:

1. Avoid High Speeds

As the speed of the vehicle increases the aerodynamic drag increases significantly. For example if you were driving at 62 miles per hour instead of 75 miles per hour this will decrease your fuel consumption by a considerable 15%.

2. Stepping Hard on the Gas or Brake

Be aware and alert of the road conditions around you. Allow yourself plenty of room to brake slowly should you need to stop at a moment’s notice. Let faster traffic around you and don’t be afraid to take your time getting up to speed. Most drivers on the road around you will understand you are in a vehicle that takes a bit more time to accelerate. By using this technique you can increase efficiency by as much as 20%.

3. Properly Inflated Tires

Tire pressure is not just a safety issue, but a big help in fuel efficiency. When renting an RV this will/ should be checked before your departure by the rental company. Be sure to ask what is ideal pressure so you can keep an eye on the tires and if they seem low add more air. If just one tire is under inflated by 2 PSI, it increases fuel consumption by 1%.

4. Less Air Conditioning

A running air conditioner puts extra load on an engine and this causes more fuel to be used. This can increase fuel consumption by about 20%. Note: the defrost setting on most vehicles also runs through the air conditioner.

5. Close the Windows

Open windows will increase the drag on the vehicle and can decrease fuel efficiency by about 10%; there is more drag with increased speed.

6. Regularly Scheduled Service

Different things such as dirty air filters, old spark plugs, and low fluid levels all attribute to lower fuel efficiency. This can be remedied by making sure your tow vehicle or RV have been through the proper maintenance.

7. Cruise Control is a Gas Saving Do

Maintaining a constant speed for a long distance will help to save gas.

8. Avoid Idling for Long Periods

Some people will leave a vehicle running if they don’t plan to be in one place for a long time. If you plan to be there for more than one minute it is better to shut off the engine. Some people have come to believe that re-starting a vehicle will use more fuel than idling, but in actuality it takes less.

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