Music festivals are wildly growing in popularity around the country, and they are an awesome way to enjoy a variety of performers at one venue while also experiencing adventure and meeting new people. They are perfect destinations for an RV road trip. The most convenient way to ensure you don’t miss out on anything at the festival and to be closest to the action is by camping on site. Plus you will get to experience many events and gatherings only available to campers.

Here are some great tips for taking an RV to a music festival

1. Pack Thoughtfully

Though you are at a festival and experiencing all of the modern amenities of great concerts, you are still camping. There are many scenarios you should be prepared for, including extreme weather, surprise weather, being out all day, walking long distances, etc. Some key items to bring are sunscreen, bug spray, a few good pairs of shoes, a raincoat, camp chair, backpack, flashlight, emergency cash, and plenty of food.

2. Rent the Right RV

Very few festivals have RV hookups so be prepared to boondock. Make sure the propane tank is full and the batteries are well charged. Have the water tanks full and consider a generator if permitted to run for a short amount of time everyday.

3. Make Sure You Know What NOT to Bring

Each festival has its own rule on what is and isn’t allowed at the festival campsite. Before you pack and head out for fun and adventure make sure you are aware of the festival camping rules. Some restricted items may include pets, firearms, glass bottles, fireworks, barbecues, etc. Do your homework so you can enjoy the festival without getting into trouble.

Some of the Best Festivals

Sasquatch Festival in George, WA

A festival on Memorial Day Weekend held at one of the best outdoor music venues in the U.S. and right in our own backyard. If you live in Washington and haven’t been to George for a concert you need to go. The Gorge at George is built into a cliff overlooking a river running through an actual gorge, hence the name. General camping fees are minimal, but do come with a long walk and having to pay to use the showers. Upgraded camping with closer spots and free shower privileges is also available for higher fees. Be prepared to need upgraded camping for RVs longer than 40 feet.

Bonnaroo in Manchester, TN

One of the largest festivals in the country bringing in around 140,000 people. Bonnaroo has a great camping culture and community that brings returning festival goers every year. There are many different camping areas that are like their own little hub or city and each has its own bathrooms, lighted paths, and drinking water. Pack great walking shoes; you will need them to trek from the campground to the venues. You can save a lot of money by boondocking for $250, or you can choose to shell out about $750 for 30amp.

Coachella in Coachella Valley, CA

There is twice the opportunity to enjoy the most talked about festival. Coachella now runs for two weekends in April instead of one. It is the poshest of festival offerings with private showers, massage chairs, WiFi, phone charging lockers, and fresh produce.

This is a festival you want to make sure you know the rules for. One important rule to note is no instruments unless you are performing on stage at the festival. Spaces are small and most people camp in their car, so if you want to bring in an RV make sure its a small one or plan to find a spot off-site.

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