Preparing for an RV adventure with little ones requires a bit more planning and preparation than camping with older children. If something is left behind, it is much harder to make do without it. A comforting item that the child always uses is hard to replace when they find it isn’t there, largely due to the fact that toddlers and infants just do not have the brain development to understand how to deal with those situations yet.

If you are planning a fun outdoor adventure with your sweet little ones, here are some things to think about while preparing, and some things to have on the packing list before you set out on the road.

Golden rule when packing for small children; it is okay to take more than you will need. It is better to be over prepared than under prepared. There are many articles written about packing for camping, instructing you not to overdo it on the items you bring, but in this case you can’t be too prepared.

Start with making a list. Even the most gifted people with photographic memories are bound to forget a thing or two if they don’t make a list. Make a list first and check items off as they get packed.

Comfort Items and Favorite Items

Start with their favorite things they use everyday and will not be able to survive without.

  • Pacifiers: make sure to have an extra one or two in case something happens
  • A favorite item they like to snuggle with: this could be anything like a blankie, a stuffed animal, or pillow.
  • Favorite pair of jammies: the easiest way to get them to sleep in a new environment is to make it as comfy and familiar as possible with their favorite items.
  • Familiar toy(s): these will keep them busy when you are just hanging out at camp with a few of their favorite things.

Tip: a tarp or plastic shower curtain topped off with a blanket makes a great place to sit and enjoy playing with toys outside.

Outdoor Friendly Clothes

Pack clothes in pre-organized outfits. You can do this by either folding clothes together or placing each outfit in their own separate plastic bag to make changing time a little more quick and easy.

  • Long Sleeve shirts or sweaters: even if you are planning to camp in the peak of summer there will be times when it is chillier outside, especially camping in the Pacific Northwest. Make sure to pack some pants as well. These items will also come in handy to keep skin covered and away from biting insects.
  • Rain Gear: there is always a chance for rain.
  • Hats/ Bonnets: they are great sun and wind protectors. Bring two in case one gets lost.
  • Extra Clothes: bring one or two more outfits than you go through in a typical day. When you are out adventuring you will probably end up needing more.
  • Extra Shoes: there are so many things to explore and get into that it would not be surprising if your little one ended up with wet, sandy, muddy, or just very messy shoes.

Hygiene Supplies

  • Diapers: bring at least twice what you anticipate needing as this is one item you just don’t want to run out of miles away from a store that carries them.
  • Baby Wipes: bring an extra pack or box, you will find you use them at least twice as much for various things, not just cleaning up at changing time.
  • Lotions and Sunscreen: if baby needs special items like diaper rash cream or lotion for eczema be sure to pack this and maybe an extra tube in case it gets lost.

Dishes and Food

  • Serve drinks and and snacks only in spill proof cups and containers. Food crumbs and sweet drink spills attract bugs and animals.

Camping with littles will be a great and fun adventure you will remember for a lifetime, especially when you have all the things you need on hand.

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