Group RV camping is a fun chance to get away with your favorite group of friends and/or family, relax, enjoy the most beautiful outdoor spaces, and just have fun. There are campgrounds that offer group camping spaces with adjoining campsites so you can all be together without having to leave your RV space.

If you are planning a group camping trip it can quickly get overwhelming, stressful or out of control trying to appease everyone and plan activities that will work for a large group. To alleviate stress and ensure a harmonious experience for all participants, consider implementing these invaluable tips for planning a group RV camping trip:

Ask Everyone for Preferences, Make a Checklist

Streamlining Trip Planning for Group Efficiency and Cohesion

  • Planning a trip involves navigating a plethora of decisions, from selecting the ideal campground to allocating specific campsites, organizing meals, assigning food responsibilities, and coordinating group activities.
  • With the potential for overwhelming complexity, especially in large groups, prioritizing collective agreement on the destination and campground streamlines subsequent planning. This approach fosters efficiency and cohesion, ensuring that decisions cater to the group’s collective needs and preferences.
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Facilitating the Group’s Camping involves Open Communication and Flexibility

  • While it’s impossible to please everyone entirely, crafting inclusive plans that incorporate elements from each person’s wish list is key. Maintain open lines of communication through group emails, Facebook Messenger, or dedicated messaging apps on everyone’s phones. Share your proposed trip itinerary, emphasizing your aim to incorporate everyone’s preferences while ensuring decisions benefit the entire group.
  • Encourage individuals to voice strong objections if they feel unable to adapt to certain aspects. Strive to accommodate must-have items, but remember, most people appreciate someone else taking the lead in planning and are willing to be flexible.

Camping setup: Securing Campsites and Coordinating Dates

  • Try to plan your trip far in advance so you have more room to switch up your plans if need be. A good general rule is to book your campsite about six months in advance and to send a group message a few weeks before to find a specific date that works for everyone.

Planning a Menu

One of the most fun parts of group RV camping is the meals you will be enjoying together. Some ideas for putting together a group camping meal plan include:

Each Camping Group Takes a Meal at a Time

Depending on the amount of families/couples/smaller groups you could have each unit of people take one meal, be in charge of one meal time for the whole trip i.e. breakfasts, or have each unit take charge of a whole day.

Each Camping Group Takes Turns to help with the Main Dish Planning

This is not as seemingly overwhelming and if you have picky eaters or special dietary needs allows for more wiggle room. Each family can take turns with the main entree dish for a meal and everyone else can provide a side dish. This way if someone is not a fan of the main entree or can’t eat the item being served they can contribute something to the meal they do like or works with their diet.

Additionally, everyone in the group brings their own food stuff and cooking appliances.

All these are good plans and whatever works best for your group is the best option.

Leave Some Wiggle Room/Be prepared to Go with the Flow Sometimes

Provide a general framework for the trip, but don’t pack plans in so tight that things become stressful and fall apart making everyone miserable. You are there to relax and enjoy time together.

Allow for the freedom of going with the flow at times. If you plan a guided tour or day trip make sure to structure those big plans, but also leave time for just hanging out and giving people the freedom to split off from the larger group as a whole once in a while. Some people may want to play a game of horseshoes while others may want to do some crafts or go for a swim. Then there are those that could use a recharge by getting away on their own and reading a book or taking a walk.

You may find some of the most memorable moments are during those laid back, relaxed, do- whatever-you-want moments.

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