Though the weather may be getting colder, fall is a great time to take an RV camping trip. There is still so much to do outside during the fall, and when you are done adventuring through the country side, you can bundle up and get cozy and warm inside the RV.

But what does one wear or pack in their suitcase for a fall outdoor excursion? You may have some fall attire that you love, but packing for a camping trip requires your clothing to not just be fashionable but functional, too.

Your fall RV trip wardrobe essentials will depend a lot upon your destination and the activities you hope to enjoy while there. Fall is a transitional season and as such the weather is varied depending upon your destination and sometimes it can even vary greatly from day to day or hour to hour in some spots. Here in the Pacific Northwest you can be in a location that may be a nice sunny and slightly crisp 60 degrees, only to change to rain and wind in a matter of hours.

Let’s start with the bare minimum essentials of packing clothes for your trip. You of course will want a jacket or coat that is versatile for a range of activities such as a puffer jacket or heavy fleece depending upon the temperature. A good pair of outdoor shoes you don’t mind getting muddy in cooler and moist conditions is also a fall camping staple.

The next step to building a fall camping vacation wardrobe is to think about layering. The transitional and varied weather conditions will call for adding and subtracting of layers as the day goes on and the temperature changes. If you plan to spend long hours hiking the countryside or trekking through apple orchards, you will want light moisture-wicking layers that keep the sweat off your skin while holding the moisture in. Start with a base layer of a simple t-shirt, then a button up shirt or flannel, grab a sweater and then put your jacket on over that. Don’t forget about gloves, scarves, and hats. You will also want some warm quality socks.

Grab a day bag/pack to carry around with you so you have somewhere to put layers that you shed during the day when you get too warm. It’s not fun to try and carry your extra clothes around, and if you have kiddos shedding layers, they are bound to set them down somewhere and leave them there.

It is ok to overpack just a little during the fall. With the weather being so unpredictable it is a good idea to have extra clothes on hand. Don’t forget about an extra pair of shoes as well. Extra socks are always a plus, since there is nothing like coming back to the RV after a long day of adventuring and exchanging your cold/wet/sweaty socks for some nice fresh clean ones. It is also good to have some rain gear on hand just in case, such as coats made for rain, hats, waterproof shoes, and umbrellas.

To be sure you don’t overdo it on the packing, think about each day’s activities and pack specifically for each activity. Make sure each family member has one layered outfit for each day. See if there are some layers that could be used multiple times such as sweaters and sweatshirts. Then pack in one or two extra sets of clothes and you should be set. This way you can pack heavier clothes and items without feeling like you are packing too much.

The right wardrobe is important for any trip, especially during transitional seasons like fall. You don’t want to get slowed down from enjoying your adventures because you are not well prepared.

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