Today’s RVs are nicer than ever. There are so many great features that some people choose to live in an RV and might just have nicer homes than some of us living in traditional dwellings. One of the great modern day amenities in an RV that often gets overlooked is the oven. Since its December, a time famous for baking, we thought we would highlight some great tips for using the oven in your RV.

RV Ovens are Different

The oven in an RV of course is going to be different than the one in your kitchen at home. The biggest difference between a home oven and an RV oven is the size. An RV oven is considerably smaller than a traditional home oven. You will probably need to purchase smaller bakeware as well as bake smaller batches. Both of these things could mean it will take longer to bake your recipe or that you will need to adjust a large portion recipe to fit a smaller oven.

Cooking with Propane in a Smaller Oven Takes Some Adjustments

Most RV ovens are heated by a propane source. The propane can make for a hotter oven than most people are used to. A great way to help regulate the heat is with a baking stone placed on the wire rack in the over set just above the propane flames . Additionally, you will want to place the rack holding the food you are baking on the highest possible position.

Check the Temperature

As with any oven you will want to preheat an RV oven before you place your food inside and begin baking. It is a good idea to purchase an additional thermometer to double check the internal temperature of the oven as RV temperature dials are not always accurate.

Be Prepared Before You Leave

If you plan to utilize the oven and other features of your RV it is a good idea to know as much as you can about these features and how to use them. Learning these things while on your trip can take valuable fun and relaxing time away from your trip. The more you know and are prepared for before you embark on your journey the better.

If you know the model of RV you are going to rent before your trip you can do some research on it before you leave. You can also ask your rental company for any brochures or information they may have available so you are best prepared and ready to go.

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