Some larger RV parks and campsites can have a good distance to travel between your particular camping or parking spot and the nearest amenities. Experienced campers have found a way to make this a little more fun by bringing some creative modes of transportation for getting around while not in the RV or car.

Of course you will want to keep your mode of transportation small, something that will fit inside the RV, back of a pickup, or can easily be towed behind the RV without hassle. Here are some fun and creative ways to get around RV parks and campgrounds.

Mobility Scooters

A great and easy way to get around anywhere, especially if long walks are difficult on your body. Some of these scooters are pretty fast and will have you from one place to another in no time.

Golf Carts

Golf carts are good for more than getting around a golf course; they are also pretty handy for traveling around large camping areas. Some even have storage compartments which come in very useful if you are headed to the showers, lake, or laundry room.


ATV simply stands for “All Terrain Vehicle”. There are many different types and many different price ranges. Some carry just one person while others can carry up to four. They are not the most compact of choices, but they are fun. You can get them in gas and electric models. If you are using them to get around a campsite quite often we suggest the electric version as they are quiet, unlike the loud traditional gas versions.


These are easy to transport and can even be used to travel on public roads. They also come in gas and electric versions. If you get an electric scooter make sure it is road legal for the state in which you are vacationing before taking it longer distances.

Hover Board/Electric Skateboard

These fun and newer modes of transport are great for anyone with great balance and agility. They require some physicality to operate, but are quite fun once they are mastered. Make sure to do homework on them before you buy as some have safety concerns. Once you have found the right one you just may find yourself playing on it more than using it to get around.


If you are an exercise enthusiast, but want to get around more quickly than walking will allow, a good ol’ fashioned bicycle is an excellent way to go. They are small and easy to pack, they don’t require gas or electricity and you still burn calories while in transit.

If you are looking for something to get you from point A to point B just a little faster, there is the electric bike option. Electric bikes are more pricey but you have the option of still pedaling. One way to not pay through the nose for an electric bike is with an electric bike conversion kit.

Segway Scooter

Segways have been “out” for a while now so they are becoming more affordable and more popular especially among the camping crowd. A segway can travel at up to 12.5 miles an hour getting you were you want to go two or three times faster than walking.

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