There are times when camping where you want to take your time and cook a classic comfort food or impressive masterpiece to enjoy the trip together even more; and then there are those times when you have been busy and active all day and just want a delicious meal put together and in your mouth as soon as possible. For those “I am hungry right now moments,” here is a list of camping meals that take 10 minutes to prepare.


Kabobs are great because you can throw just about anything on a few skewers, hot dog or marshmallow sticks and grill them up really fast. Any marinade or sauce will do! Check out these recipes for some great tips.

Personal Pizza

This is a great meal option for the whole crew. You can set out pre-made crust, sauce, cheese, and whatever toppings sound good. Let every person assemble their own pizza with the toppings they want and put it in a device called the camp cooker by Coleman and let it sit over the fire for about ten minutes. You can also grill pizza or get it nice and hot in a a cast iron skillet.

Walking Tacos

This is camp classic from years ago that has recently come back around in popularity, thanks to Pinterest. Prepare your favorite meat with taco seasonings as usual. Set out all the best taco toppings like tomatoes, lettuce, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, onion, cheese, etc. and snack size bags of corn chips such as Doritos or Fritos. Let everyone grab their favorite bag of chips, open up the top end and fill with all the taco fixings. Get a fork and dig right into the bag. Dinner is served and there is only one dish to clean.

Grilled Cheese

This is the most simple of meals and what is better on the grill than a classic with grill in its name? A grilled cheese can be made so many different ways with different breads, your favorite cheese, and a wide range of add ins such as bacon, thinly sliced apple, herbs, or saurkraut.

Pigs in A Blanket

Hot dogs are one of the best foods for roasting over a campfire. Add a little flare to a fire roasted dog by wrapping it in refrigerated crescent dough.


Another very versatile meal that everyone will love. Grab two tortillas and some shredded cheese of your choice and get the cast iron skillet or grilling rack or even the camp cooker. For the more refined pallet add in some fun with hot sauce, black beans, chicken, corn, jalapeños, and more. You can get really innovative with your quesadilla fillings.

Foil Wrap Meal

You can make a great quick and healthy meal by filling a large piece of foil with veggies and small pieces of meat. Season and add a little bit of oil (we suggest avocado oil). Next fold the foil into a pouch around the food by bringing the long edges to meet and rolling down till it is almost snug against the food then rolling the short ends in. Place on the grills and let sit for ten minutes. When done, be careful as the whole packet will be hot; open while watching out for steam, and you have a whole meal in a pouch!

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