You did it! You found the perfect way to get away and relax with your family, camping in an RV rental. You found a great RV that has everything you need, except it could use just one more bed to comfortably sleep Grandma or the friend you told your kids they could bring along. Have no fear; there are some easy solutions to create a little more sleeping space in an RV!


This of course is the most obvious solution you may have already thought about. A cot can be lightweight, compact, easy to fold and store, and can fit in a tight space. They are a great option for camping trips and can be found at most outdoor stores.

Collapsible Bunks

A great solution for kids. They take advantage of vertical space in tiny spots. Kids find them fun and exciting, but they are also strong enough to sleep adults.

Air Mattresses

If your RV has a good amount of extra floor space, say an RV with a pop out side, an air mattress can be a great bedding solution. Air mattresses can be easily blown up with a pump and are lightweight and easy to store during the day. Some of them are actually quite comfy and you may find everyone fighting over who gets to sleep on it.

Fold Out Lounge Chairs

Some RVs have a corner open with space to fit a chair. In that space you can place a fold-out chair. It is like a sofa sleeper, but in chair form. There is just enough room to sleep one more person.

Turn Front Motorhome Seats Into a Bed

This is a popular RV hack you may have seen all over Pinterest. If you are renting a motorhome you can use the two captains chairs (the driver seat and passenger seat beside it up in the front by the steering wheel) in the front to make a twin size bed of sorts. Just grab a cot or board and mattress pad to fit across the length of the two seats when they are turned to face each other and lay down a sleeping bag and pillow or bedding. This is a great solution for kids and young and spry adults (those without aches and health concerns) who do not need an extra comfy place to sleep.

Truck-Bed Bed

If you are pulling a trailer with a pickup truck why not turn the bed of the truck into an actual bed? Place an air mattress, cot, or mattress topper in the back of the truck with some bedding. Of course you will want a truck with a canopy over the bed in areas and weather that are not great for open air camping. This option also gives some extra privacy like having your own bedroom. Make sure to be prepared for cold as there is no heat in the bed of a truck.

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Image By Flickr:Damien Cooke [CC BY-SA 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons