With spring break already or almost underway, many families are making plans for a short getaway. Amusement parks are definitely a popular destination during spring break for families. A great way to save some money and bump up your level of adventure is to go camping near an amusement park. Some amusement parks even have their own camping properties and may offer discounted tickets and other perks when you stay on the property.

We have put together some amusement park camping tips to maximize your theme park RV adventure.

Know Your Level of Comfort

Some campgrounds offer different levels of camping. They will have spaces that offer a bare minimum at a lower price and have other spaces that offer more amenities and comforts (with a higher price tag of course). Think about what features you will want after a long day of walking around the park. You may be more interested in saving money than amenities or you may want to be able to have unlimited electrical to put your feet up and watch TV.

Look at the Forecast

Be prepared for all types of weather. Knowing the weather is important to make any trip more comfortable, especially a camping trip when you are closer to the elements. It is also a good idea to know the surroundings and climate of the area that you are going to. For example, if you are camping in Walt Disney World it is important to know that Florida is very wet year round. The ground is usually moist, there are frequent mid-day rain showers, and the occasional thunder storm. These things will help you factor in not only clothing, but cleaning supplies, tarps, awnings, bug screens, etc.

Bathroom Kits

Many campsites, especially those close to theme parks, will have shared bathrooms and showers for guests. Get a great travel bag just for bathroom supplies where you can quickly grab everything you need for the shower and freshening up. Have one bag for each family member to keep things even more organized and easy to find when you are limited for time in the bathroom while others are waiting.

Allow for Extra Time

Speaking of waiting, with shared facilities you may encounter some waiting unless you like to be a super early riser for the purpose of having the bathroom all to yourself. If you have a site that is farther away from main buildings or the entrance of the campground, it can take some extra time to get where you are going as well.

Check Out the On Site Activities

Some theme park owned campsites will have extra activities for you to enjoy ,so if you need some down time during the day or a day to just decompress from being in a busy park, try to find a camp site with activities available at the camp property. There are many great state parks close to theme parks that have hiking, fishing, camping, etc. You may want to research national parks with campgrounds in the area of the park you are visiting. They may even have cheaper camping fees.

Check for WIFI

Many campsites all over are now offering wifi, be it free or for an added fee, because we are in the age of the smartphone being an extension of our body. That being said, don’t expect your campground to have wifi available even if it is a theme park site. If you are planning on using internet on your trip, you may have to get a temporary hotspot or hang out at the local coffee house for a bit.

Bring Privacy Screens

If you are staying in a theme park campground you will want to have some items on hand for added privacy. Theme park camping is a bit different from regular camping in that the unwritten rule of not walking through campsites is not highly observed. Some good items to help give you a space all your own are screened in gazebos/shelters.

Bring Snacks and Store Them Properly

It can be a trek or even short drive to the nearest snack machine or food. Make sure to have plenty of snacks handy especially if you have kids with you. Hungry kids are grumpy kids. An added bonus is you will save money by bringing your own. Make sure to store them tightly and put them in cabinets or closed bins where animals can’t smell or reach them.

The more prepared you are for any trip the better and more smoothly it will go. NW Adventure Rentals is here to help you have a luxurious, smooth-sailing vacation with our fully stocked, comfortable motorhomes and travel trailers. For more great camping tips and tricks please feel free to browse our website. For more information on renting a gorgeous, luxury RV from NW Adventure Rentals’ Seattle fleet, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime.