Nothing is more fun than getting in an RV and heading for an open mountain road, or coastal highway, or anywhere for that matter.

Check out these top RV travel hacks to elevate your journey:

Protect Your Glassware with Foam Drink Holders

  • Protect your glassware during transport by slipping them into individual foam drink holders, commonly known as koozies, before stowing them away in cabinets. This ingenious hack minimizes breakage caused by movement while driving, ensuring your glassware stays intact and secure throughout your RV journey.
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Essential Laundry Solutions for RV Travel

  • Don’t forget to pack a portable clothesline and clothespins for your laundry needs on the road. Whether you’re air-drying freshly washed items or drying wet towels and bathing suits, a clothesline proves to be an indispensable accessory for your RV adventures. With these essential hacks, you can optimize your RV travel experience while maintaining convenience and efficiency.

Maximize RV Space with Clever Storage Hacks

  • Maximize the space within your RV with clever hacks! Swap out bulky waste bins with collapsible laundry baskets for effortless storage solutions. These baskets conveniently flatten when not in use, effectively saving precious space in your compact home on wheels and enhancing organization.

Enhance RV Organization with a Magnetic Message Center

  • Enhance your RV organization with a small magnetic dry erase board placed on your refrigerator. Not only can you keep emergency and safety information at your fingertips, but you can also display the day’s menu and daily activities for everyone to see. Don’t have a magnetic whiteboard? No problem! Transform a spare picture frame into a DIY dry erase message center by slipping in decorative paper and using the glass as your writing surface. This versatile hack adds both functionality and style to your RV interior, keeping everyone informed and organized throughout your travels.

Prioritize Camping Hygiene with an Outdoor Handwashing Station

  • Prioritize cleanliness on your outdoor adventures by setting up an extra handwashing station. Simply grab some pantyhose, insert a bar of soap, and tie it to the campsite water spigot. This ingenious solution ensures that you can wash your hands several times throughout the day, keeping germs at bay even in the wilderness. With this simple setup, maintaining hygiene becomes effortless, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor activities with peace of mind.

Optimize RV Pantry Space with Reusable Containers

  • Optimize cupboard space by storing dry goods in square-shaped reusable containers. These containers accommodate oddly shaped packages, allowing them to fit seamlessly like Tetris cubes in your cabinets. Say goodbye to clutter and hello to organized storage solutions for your RV pantry. By maximizing space efficiency, you can stock up on essential supplies without worrying about overcrowded cabinets.

Prevent Water Spills with Glad Press ‘n Seal Wrap

  • Prevent spills during travel, especially with kids, by using Glad Press ‘n Seal wrap over the top of cups and inserting a straw. This simple trick seals beverages securely, minimizing messes significantly and keeping your RV interior clean and tidy on the go. Enjoy your drinks without the fear of spills, making your journey more enjoyable and stress-free for everyone on board.

Keep Kids Entertained with Window-Mounted Organizers

  • Keep little ones entertained during road trips by installing shower caddies suction cupped to the windows next to their seats. These convenient organizers hold toys, books, and snacks, ensuring that entertainment is within reach throughout the journey. Say goodbye to boredom and restless kids with this creative solution that keeps them engaged and happy on the road.

Deter Flies Naturally with a Pine-Sol Solution

  • Say goodbye to pesky flies during outdoor meals with a 50/50 solution of Pine-Sol and water. Wipe down your outdoor table with this natural repellent to deter flies effectively and enjoy your alfresco dining experience without unwanted guests buzzing around. This eco-friendly hack provides a simple and chemical-free solution to pesky flies, allowing you to dine outdoors comfortably.

Maintain Cleanliness with an Outdoor Shoe Bin

  • Minimize dirt and debris inside your RV by setting up a shoe bin and a tarp or astro-turf outside the door. Encourage everyone to remove their shoes before entering, keeping your living space cleaner and reducing the need for frequent cleaning sessions. This practical setup ensures that dirt stays outside, helping to maintain a tidy and inviting environment inside your RV.

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Ready to hit the road? With these RV travel hacks, your journey just got a whole lot smoother. From space-saving solutions to money-saving tips, optimize your adventures and make every mile count!

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