If you are considering purchasing a motor home or travel trailer and have never been camping in one, renting an RV is a great way to test it out before you make the big purchase. Or maybe you have just always wondered what it would be like to go camping in an RV but don’t want to commit to owning one. Renting is a great way to give RV camping a try! Give your prospective RV a “test sleep”, and see what its like to live in it, versus just a test drive.

If you have spent a considerable amount of time on the road, especially around popular camping holidays such as memorial and labor day, you have probably seen a rented RV running down the road. Now it’s your turn!

When you rent an RV with NW Adventure Rentals, your vessel comes clean, organized, stocked, and ready to go. A friendly company representative will be willing to answer all of your questions and help guide you through the driving, towing, set up, fueling, etc. to make sure you are comfortable with the RV. You will also receive written instructions with your rental agreement/contract. Your first time RV camping can be intimidating, but once you get out there you will find it is easier than it seems. You can always call your rental company during your trip with questions, and campsites are usually full of friendly frequent campers willing to lend a hand. You will find that the camping community is pretty friendly!

There are so many great places to explore when you are in an RV. People use RVs for more than just camping in a designated RV Resort. You can camp in nearly any site that is big enough for the RV you are in. Others take RVs on long road trips to make traveling smoother, especially with young ones. It is a great way to save on hotel fair at vacation destinations. Wanting to go visit a relative, but don’t want to invade their home? Rent an RV and pull up your own guest room in their driveway. Some RVs are so luxurious and comfy you may end up liking them more than a hotel!

For more information on renting an RV and RV camping tips, please browse our website or contact us anytime.