As you are out and about on your RV adventure, you may find that you want to alter your plans and take some extra R&R between destinations. Some places post that they prefer you not park an RV at their site, but there are some RV friendly places out there that welcome RVers to not only park, but they have special parking and may even allow a night of free camping. Based on what we’ve learned from our Seattle RV Rental Business, here are some of the best places:

Truck Stops

Truck stops can be found in nearly every state across the country. National brand truck stops are not just a place for truck drivers to take a break; they also welcome RV travelers. You can usually spend the night free of charge at many of them. Truck stops are hoping that you will come in and purchase their goods.

Some truck stop chains that welcome RVs include: Flying J, Pilot Travel Centers, Travel Centers of America, and Rip Griffin Travel Centers.

Some of these stops will not just offer overnight parking, fuel, and food; they also offer free dump sites and convenience stores to stock up on supplies. Since the stores are geared for long haul truckers you may find some useful travel gear that you might not find in a regular store.

Some truck stops may even have showers and laundry services (for a charge of course).

Large Chain Retail Stores

It is probably no secret that Walmart is RV friendly. They are a national leader in letting RV campers stay overnight. One thing to be aware of is that not every Walmart offers this, as they must comply with the local ordinances of the city they reside in. Make sure to keep a lookout for posted signs that prohibit RV parking. Also be aware of the parking lot sweeping truck making its rounds in the middle of the night. Another store well known for RV friendliness is Kmart.


There are some restaurant chains that welcome RV travelers to park, come in and enjoy a meal, and stay for a night.

Cracker Barrel- great food and very popular in southern states and Idaho.

Some fast food chains will have extra parking space behind their regular parking lot to accommodate RVs such as McDonald’s, Subway, Arby’s, and Burger King, depending on the location.

Some RV friendly restaurants will also offer free Wi-Fi.

RV Parts and Service Stores

What could be a more RV friendly place than an RV part store? Hopefully you wont be needing to hop in for a part while you are renting an RV for an adventure, but it is a great place to pick up camping accessories and get a free night of camping. Camping World is a great national RV parts chain.


There are many casinos dotted along the great northwest. Almost any casino will welcome an RV to come and camp. They want you to come inside and enjoy some fun. Keep spending money inside and they will let you park in the RV area as long as you wish.

Tiny Towns

Small towns get a good amount of business from people passing through the town and tourists as they want you to stay and spend some cash. In some of these towns you can find an Elk’s Lodge or small park that will advertise a free night’s stay.

Now that you know of some great places to rest for a night, get out there and adventure!

Ready to Visit some RV Friendly Places?

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