No one wants to take big chunks of time out of their vacation to clean and tidy up their living space. The less time you spend keeping things livable the more you have for outdoor adventure, family game playing, relaxing nights around the campfire, etc. Cut down on cleaning time in your RV with these cleaning shortcuts!

Utilize Vertical Space

One thing that makes an RV feel messy and small is clutter. Maximize the space in your RV to help it feel more spacious, organized, and less cluttered. Use the vertical space in your RV to create more room to store items. Here are some great vertical storage tricks for your RV:

  • -Install a hanging fruit basket near the door to use as a catch- all space for keys and sunglasses, etc.
  • -Attach brooms and long handled cleaning supplies to the roof of the storage compartment with brackets.
  • -Get some seat organizers for the driver and passenger seats of the motorhome.
  • -Install shelving systems in the kitchen and bathroom to hold lighter items like toilet paper and towels.
  • -Hang a peg board in the kitchen to keep utensils handy.
  • -Make use of the back of cabinet and closet doors. 1)Hang a shoe organizer on the bedroom closet door. Use one on a pantry door to help organize snacks. 2)Command hooks come in handy on the back of kitchen cabinet doors for hanging utensils and pot lids. 3)Attach bathroom organizers to the inside of bathroom cabinet doors with velcro or command strips to hold small items and toothbrushes

Trash Cans

  • Keep extra trash can liners/bags in the bottom of the can to quickly reline after a bag is taken out to the trash.
  • Use an over-the-counter trash can to save space in the bathroom’s tight quarters.
  • Get a trash can that hangs on the back of a cabinet door to save space in the kitchen.


  • Get a handheld vacuum to help quickly clean up messes. It is especially handy around meal times if you have little ones!


  • Store extra “bed packs” to change sheets quickly. A bed pack consists of fitted sheet, flat sheet, and pillow cases all folded neatly into one pillow case (everything you need to make the bed in one neat pouch).
  • If you have potty-training-aged children, consider layering multiple sheets and waterproof covers. This way you can simply strip one layer consisting of a fitted sheet and cover to reveal a new one, and the bed is ready to go again.

Remove Shoes

  • Keep floors clean and dry if it is wet out by removing shoes before stepping inside the RV. Lay down a large piece of astroturf or an outdoor mat next to the door under the awning and a big rubbermaid tote to put shoes in. Use the lid to cover shoes up at night and avoid creatures gnawing at them or carrying them away.

Make it a Game

  • Turn a quick RV clean up and reset into a family activity by making it a game. First person to accomplish all their tasks gets to pick dinner or dessert that night. Or turn on some tunes and see who has the most creative cleaning dance moves!

Using just a few of these cleaning shortcuts will have you cleaning less and vacationing more.

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