So you’ve finally decided to pull the trigger and rent a camper for the weekend, but how do you know which one to rent and where to rent it from?

In this article you’ll get the answer to those two questions and more but first let’s get clear on what a camper actually is.

Normally, when people talk about campers they’re talking about Travel Trailers. Though some people use camper to refer to all types of RVs:
– Class A RVs aka Big Motorhomes (26 to 45 feet)
– Class B RVs aka Big Truck With Built In Trailer (17 to 23 feet)
– Class C RVs aka Big Truck With Built In Trailer (20 to 28 feet)
– Trailers aka Towed Campers (15 to 45 feet)

If you’re ready to go then you’ll want to go ahead and browse our fleet our luxury campers. Otherwise keep reading to learn more about renting a camper for the weekend.

What is a Camper?

At its core, a camper is a mobile living space designed to be towed or driven, allowing travelers to maintain the comforts of home while on the road. It’s a symbol of freedom, a testament to human ingenuity in the pursuit of exploration without boundaries.

The concept of the camper isn’t entirely new. Historically, humans have always sought ways to travel without leaving behind the essentials. From the covered wagons of pioneers to the more rudimentary setups of early adventurers, there has been a constant evolution towards what we recognize today as the modern camper.

Camper designs are diverse, catering to a wide range of traveler preferences:

  • Pop-ups: Compact and lightweight, these campers expand upwards, offering more space when stationary.
  • Teardrop trailers: Characterized by their distinctive shape, they provide basic sleeping and cooking facilities.
  • Larger RVs: These are the giants of the road and less often called campers, offering full living amenities from kitchens to bathrooms and even entertainment areas.

Inside a typical camper, you’d find a nice blend of functionality and comfort. Most come equipped with sleeping areas that can range from basic bunks to queen-sized beds. Cooking facilities, whether a simple stove or a full-fledged kitchen, ensure travelers aren’t solely dependent on roadside diners. Storage compartments, seating areas, and often a restroom, round out the essential anatomy of a camper, creating a cozy cocoon that’s ready for the road whenever you are.

Why Choose a Camper for Your Adventure?

The Unique Camper Experience

: Traveling by camper isn’t just another way to get from point A to B—it’s a transformative experience. Imagine having your home’s comforts seamlessly integrated with the pulse of the open road. No rigid schedules, no packing and unpacking at every destination, just the open road and your sense of adventure guiding the way.

The flexibility a camper provides is unparalleled. Ever found a sunset spot you wish you could wake up to? Or a serene lakeside begging for an extended stay? With a camper, spontaneous decisions become a cherished part of the journey. Forget about the hassles of hotel check-ins, or the disappointment of a missed reservation; the road is yours to command.

Economical Benefits:

While the allure of a camper often revolves around the experience, it also presents significant economic advantages. For extended trips, the costs of hotel stays can quickly add up. Campers offer a cost-effective solution, merging transport and accommodation expenses.

Moreover, with a camper, meals become a part of the fun. With the ability to cook and store food, you’re not tethered to hundreds of miles away from where you want to go. Whip up a quick breakfast before sunrise or enjoy a late-night snack under the stars—it’s all up to you.

Environmental Considerations:

Sustainability is more than just a buzzword; it’s a responsibility. Choosing a camper can significantly reduce your carbon footprint, especially when you compare it to the environmental costs of flying to a destination and then staying in a hotel.

Additionally, campers allow you to be in the heart of nature, providing a closeness that hotel rooms often can’t match. And the best part? You get to enjoy this proximity to the great outdoors without the fuss of pitching tents or worrying about unpredictable weather. It’s a balance of eco-friendliness and convenience, making campers a conscious choice for the modern traveler.

Camper vs. Other Options: Making the Right Choice

When planning an adventure, the choice of accommodation often becomes a pivotal decision. Let’s explore how the camper stacks up against other popular options.

Hotel Stays:

The allure of hotels lies in their undoubted comfort. Fluffy pillows, room service, and often luxurious amenities make them a favorite for many. However, there’s a trade-off. Hotels can create a disconnect from nature. They trap you within four walls, often far removed from the very landscapes you traveled to see.

Tent Camping:

On the opposite end of the spectrum is tent camping. It offers an intimacy with nature that’s hard to rival. The crackle of a campfire, the canvas rustle as the wind blows, and the immediate connection to your surroundings are unparalleled. Yet, this intimacy comes with its challenges. The constant cycle of pitching and teardown can become cumbersome, and the whims of weather can turn a serene night into a struggle against the elements.

Cabins: Cabins

Those cozy wooden structures nestled within nature, seem like an ideal retreat. They give you a solid roof over your head and basic amenities, all while keeping you close to the outdoors. However, they come with a significant limitation: location. Once you choose a cabin, you’re tied to that spot. Unlike a mobile camper, there’s no packing up and moving to a new vista each morning.


Stepping into the spotlight is the camper, striking a harmonious balance among all these options. It offers the comfort akin to a hotel but without the detachment from nature. It provides an immediate connection to the outdoors, much like tent camping, without the hassle of setup and takedown. And while cabins might have the charm, campers bring flexibility, letting you chase sunsets, mountain views, or coastal breezes at your own pace. In essence, a camper combines the best of all worlds, making it a compelling choice for many travelers.

Platforms to Rent a Camper

Choosing a camper is half the equation; finding the right platform to rent one is equally crucial. As campers have surged in popularity, so too have the platforms offering them for rent. Here’s a look at where you can secure your next mobile adventure base.

National Platforms:

  • Outdoorsy: Often dubbed the ‘Airbnb for RVs’, Outdoorsy connects RV owners with prospective renters. It boasts a vast fleet, from classic RVs to quirky custom vans, suiting an array of travel styles at the cost of reliability because the RVs aren’t professionally maintained.
  • RVshare: Similar to other platforms but with its nuances, RVshare provides a platform for RV owners to rent out their vehicles. Their expansive list ensures that whether you’re looking for luxury or simplicity, there’s likely a match for you.
  • NW Adventure Rentals: The safest choice. Rigorous safety checks ensure all listed RVs meet high-quality standards. 24/7 Customer support, when you call they’re there to help.

Regional Platforms specific to the Pacific Northwest: For those specifically eyeing the Pacific Northwest, regional platforms cater to the unique demands and tastes of this region. One standout option is NW Adventure Rentals in Seattle. With a curated fleet perfect for the climates of the Northwest, we offer a tailored experience for those eager to explore this corner of the country.

Key Considerations when Selecting a Platform:

  • Availability: Especially during peak travel seasons, ensuring the platform has available campers that match your dates is paramount.
  • Variety: Your adventure is personal. The platform should provide a range of campers, from basic to luxury, so you can find one that aligns with your vision of the journey.
  • Customer Support: The road can be unpredictable. Choosing a platform known for responsive and helpful customer support can be the difference between a minor hiccup and a major disruption.

Renting From NW Adventure Rentals

Venturing into the Pacific Northwest requires not just the spirit of adventure, but also a reliable home on wheels. Enter NW Adventure Rentals in Seattle, a beacon for travelers seeking a curated camper experience tailored to this region’s unique terrains and beauty.

Variety of Available Models:

Whether you’re an adventurous solo traveler or a family seeking scenic routes, NW Adventure Rentals boasts a diverse fleet. From compact campers ideal for tight trails to luxurious RVs fitted for a comfortable extended stay, there’s a mobile base for every kind of explorer.

Customer Testimonials and Reviews:

The voices of past travelers resonate with praise. A quick glance at reviews reveals a recurring theme- unmatched quality and attention to detail.

Unique Features & Offerings:

Beyond the standard, NW Adventure Rentals infuses their service with thoughtful touches. Think curated route suggestions, kits tailored for specific activities like hiking or fishing, and even pre-stocked provisions for those eager to hit the road without delays.

Don’t just dream about it; hit the road you by renting an RV from NW Adventure Rentals and let this be the best weekend possible.