Kids are full of adventure and energy; they love camping because it gives them a chance to explore new places. But what is a kid to do when the weather isn’t so great? It can be tough on the kiddos and parents alike when everyone is cooped up inside the RV during poor weather.

We have put together a list of handy items to help you make camping more enjoyable for your kids when the weather is rough.


  • Disposable Ponchos- If you are out and about when wet weather hits, a few cheap ponchos are easy to carry with you and will keep everyone dry until you get back to the RV.
  • Cards- a pack or two of regular playing cards is super cheap and you can play endless games with them. This is even a great pre-bedtime activity.
  • Dominos- it’s a game that doubles as portable building blocks and you can also make one of those fun domino trails throughout the trailer and watch them all get knocked down. Buy more than one box for alternate domino uses.
  • Crayons and Paper- coloring is a great rainy day activity, but you can also use them to create leaf rubbings, draw imaginary treasure maps, play tic-tac-toe, and more.
  • Board Games- this is an activity you can get the whole family involved in. Bring some classic board games, and make sure you have some even the youngest are able to participate in, as toddlers and Monopoly may not be a good combo.
  • Play Doh- who doesn’t love play doh? Set the kids up with the fun sculpting doh at the table. You can make it more interesting by having them build something specific or even getting some sculpting clay they can sculpt then bake and make into a souvenir.
  • Paint- why not hop on the ever growing trend of rock painting while out in the woods where many rocks reside? You can paint to keep as a memento or get them ready to hide outside for other campers to find when the weather lets up. Grab a thick stick or two and make your own colorful hiking sticks or just paint on paper.
  • Crafts- what better time to do crafts than when stuck inside? Bring some basic supplies such as embroidery floss for friendship bracelets, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and pony beads, sculpting clay, puff paints, etc. You can even pack them in individual zip locks to help keep them organized and seem like important individual pre-planned activities.
  • Science Experiments- why not turn your time indoors into a learning opportunity? There are countless science experiments you can do with your kids that require very few supplies and set up. Pinterest is crawling with them. Some of them are so simple you probably already have the supplies packed.
  • Painters Tape and Toy Cars- have your kids create their own roads and paths around the floor of the RV or on the table top and give them some cars to drive around their creation. If you bring pull-back cars, they can even make a racing strip!
  • Baking Supplies- kids love to help in the kitchen, especially when the end result is a yummy baked treat. What better time to whip up a batch of cookies?
  • Unscented Candles and Mini Marshmallows- roast mini mallows over candles using toothpicks as sticks.

There are so many different indoor RV activities you can add to the kit, but this is a good list of basics that will have you prepared and not packing too much extra bulk. Make it a super special thing by packing these items in their own backpack or box and label it the rainy day kit. That way when boredom or sad faces strike at the sight of rain, you can pull it out and lift the mood.

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