To some it may seem like tearing down your camping space is as easy as doing everything in reverse, but unfortunately this is not always the case. There are a few things to remember that can make your pack up job more seamless and less of a mess. When you are ready to head for home, who doesn’t want to get the clean up done as quickly as possible?

Your checklist may look different depending upon your type of RV and what you brought to camp with you. Here is a quick and easy list that you can alter to fit your needs.

  1. Clean any dishes that are hanging out in the sink. The grill can be cleaned in the campsite sink designated for large washing if there is one.
  2. Once the dishes are finished and all the water inside is done being used, turn off the water heater and then turn off the propane tanks.
  3. Next you may want to turn your attention to the beds or areas in any pull outs. Clean these up and get ready to push the button for the pull outs to go back in.
  4. After the pull outs are in, continue to tuck things away and make sure they are secure. Everything should be ready for getting back on the road. Take time to secure any loose items that could get knocked about while moving.
  5. Next clean off the awning, remove any lights hanging from it, and roll it back up. You don’t want to forget this step or you may knock the awning off driving through the trees.
  6. After rolling up the awning, if you have set out a mat, now is the time to roll it up and stow it away too. If it has been a wet and muddy camping trip consider wrapping it in plastic and washing/rinsing when you arrive home.
  7. As you finish up with all the inside cleaning and have turned to the outdoors, don’t forget to grab the outside items that you like to store inside like camp chairs, games, etc.
  8. Once things are picked up both inside and outside, disconnect the hook ups like power, water, and any others.
  9. Take a final walk around of the site to make sure nothing was left behind, all trash is picked up, and check the RV. Are the vent covers lowered? Is the water pump turned off? Are outside storage covers closed and latched? Are the steps pulled in?
  10. Once you are sure everything is cleaned up and in order, if you are using a trailer, hitch it up to your towing vehicle and lock everything up.
  11. Once you are ready to pull out of the camping space it is time to head to the dumping station and finally, back home.

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