If you’re like many pet owners, your RV adventures wouldn’t feel complete without your furry companions by your side. After all, pets are cherished members of the family. But how can you ensure a seamless RV camping experience while catering to their needs? Here’s how to include your pets in your RV travels while keeping them happy and comfortable.

Here are some important tips to consider when you’re taking your dog, cat or really any pet along with you camping.

#1. Make sure the campground allows pets.

While many campgrounds welcome dogs within specific size and weight limits, they typically require them to be leashed at all times. However, camping with cats or other pets isn’t unheard of. It’s essential to inquire about any restrictions on the types of pets allowed at the RV park or campground. Generally, dangerous, exotic, or illegal pets are prohibited to ensure the safety of all guests and wildlife.

#2. Check with the veterinarian.

It may seem unconventional, but ensuring your pet’s health before RV travel is crucial. Inquire about preventive medications for pests and bugs that could affect your pet while at the campground. Dogs, in particular, are prone to ticks, fleas, and heartworms, so keeping vaccine records in the RV and preparing for emergencies is essential. Additionally, having your pet microchipped provides peace of mind in case they wander off, ensuring a safe return to their rightful owner.

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#3. Don’t forget all the supplies you’ll need.

Consider your pet’s needs at home and ensure you have suitable alternatives for your RV camping trip. Essentials like food and water bowls, bedding, leashes, harnesses, and collars should be packed. Additionally, don’t forget to bring toys or novel items to keep your pet entertained and excited during the adventure. Having these familiar comforts onboard will make your pet feel at home while enjoying the RV journey.

#4. Have extra towels and blankets available.

Depending on the season and destination, your pet may end up quite dirty during your RV trip. Especially if you’re hiking in the woods, muddy paws can be a hassle. Be prepared by having towels and extra blankets onboard your RV to wipe off mud or even give your pet a quick wash if needed. Keeping your RV equipped with these essentials ensures a clean and comfortable environment for both you and your furry companion throughout your adventures.

#5. Consider the campground weather.

If you’re accustomed to the comfort of air conditioning at home but are embarking on an RV camping trip during scorching weather without AC, it’s essential to consider your pets’ comfort. Ensure your campsite offers ample shade or have alternative methods to keep your pet cool if temperatures soar. Prioritize your pet’s well-being by planning ahead and providing a comfortable environment inside your RV to beat the heat during hot weather adventures.

#6. Use a pet friendly insect repellent.

Avoid using repellent meant for humans, as it can pose risks when inhaled or ingested by pets. Opt instead for a pet-friendly insect repellent to effectively ward off ticks, fleas, and other bugs while on your RV journey. Prioritize your pet’s safety by selecting products specifically designed for their needs, ensuring a worry-free camping experience.

#7. Stay together as a family

Don’t leave your dog in the RV alone or tied up at the campsite when you are not there. Consider this when planning your trip. Don’t go anywhere you can’t take your pet with you. Different campgrounds and parks have different pet policies.
Taking a pet can be fun and of course, you can all share in the experience of staying with the family, but take these precautions into consideration for everyone to have a safe and fun time during the RV camping trip. Thankfully, our Seattle RVs make it easy to take your pet along with you on your next outing in Seattle…and do it in style and luxury, too!