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At this point in your planning you’ve probably already learned about that Oregon has some of the nation’s best national parks and you want to start looking at RVs. There are three general categories you’ll want to know:

Class A RVs aka Big Motorhomes (26 to 45 feet)
Class B RVs aka Big Truck With Built In Trailer (17 to 23 feet)
Class C RVs aka Big Truck With Built In Trailer (20 to 28 feet)
Trailers aka Towed Campers (15 to 45 feet)

But what makes the Pacific Northwest, and particularly Oregon, such a coveted travel spot for families yearning for an outdoor escape? It’s the combination of accessibility and raw wilderness. Families find in Oregon a playground vast enough to ignite imaginations yet intimate enough to create cherished shared moments. The rhythmic crashing of ocean waves, the thrill of spotting a deer grazing amidst the mist, or the sheer wonder as you gaze up at the starry canopy from a campfire’s glow – these moments, in their simplicity, encapsulate the essence of family camping trips here.

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Oregon’s Most Popular Parks for Family Camping Trips

Silver Falls State Park:

Oregon’s largest state park, Silver Falls is aptly named, offering visitors a breathtaking journey through a realm where water cascades with grace and might. The crown jewel of this park is the Trail of Ten Falls, a looping trail that gives families the rare chance to not just witness, but to actually walk behind a cascade of falling water. Children’s eyes light up in wonder as they feel the refreshing mist and hear the thunderous roar up close. Beyond the falls, the park presents over 35 miles of backcountry trails, perfect for horseback riding, mountain biking, or a serene family hike. The campsites, designed with families in mind, feature spacious tent and RV sites, picnic areas, and playgrounds, making those moments of relaxation just as memorable as the adventures.

Crater Lake National Park:

A caldera brimming with the bluest of blues, Crater Lake is nature’s testament to the transformative power of cataclysmic events. Formed by the collapse of a volcano, this lake stands as the deepest in the U.S., with depths reaching almost 2,000 feet. But beyond its geological marvel, it’s the ethereal beauty of the place that captivates families. The Rim Drive offers panoramic views that seem to merge the skies with the sapphire waters below. For young explorers, the park has a selection of trails like the Sun Notch and Godfrey Glen, offering short yet immersive hikes into the park’s varied terrains without being too strenuous.

Cape Blanco State Park:

Perched on Oregon’s rugged southern coast, Cape Blanco offers camping sites with a blend of history and natural beauty. The westernmost point in the state, this park provides families with expansive coastal views that stretch endlessly, punctuated by the Cape Blanco Lighthouse, a beacon of Oregon’s maritime history. The access to six miles of sandy beaches means families can indulge in everything from beachcombing to kite flying, while the dense forest trails offer shelter and a dash of mystery. The park’s campground, with its well-equipped sites, ensures that even novices feel comfortable, while the horse camp and trails add another layer to the family outdoor experience.

Smith Rock State Park:

A geologic wonder, Smith Rock isn’t just a climber’s paradise but a family’s outdoor playground too. Rising dramatically from the Central Oregon desert, its spires, and cliffs showcase a palette of deep reds and browns. For families, the River Trail provides an easy hike, tracing the Crooked River and offering up-close views of climbers in action. Meanwhile, the child-friendly interpretive trails educate young minds about the park’s geology and ecosystem. As the day winds down, you might just spot golden eagles or prairie falcons soaring against the backdrop of a setting sun, adding the perfect touch to a day of exploration.

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The Ideal Oregon Roadtrip Camping Spots

Travel Overview

Oregon, in its splendor, feels like an open invitation to road-trippers, its roads winding through terrains that oscillate between lush forests, roaring rivers, and tranquil coastlines. For our journey, we’ll start from the heart of the state, make our way to the southern border, and culminate on the scenic Pacific coastline. As your RV wheels hum in tune with Oregon’s heartbeat, you’ll discover that the journey is every bit as enchanting as the destinations.

Tumalo State Camp

Nestled just a stone’s throw from Bend, Tumalo serves as a delightful starting point or mid-journey respite. The Deschutes River flows gracefully through, offering families a serene riverside camping experience. Here, the murmur of the river becomes your lullaby, and the dawn chorus of birds your morning alarm. The park’s campgrounds are equipped with modern amenities, ensuring a comfortable stay. Its proximity to Bend offers a blend of nature and city charm – making it a perfect spot for families wanting to dip their toes into the local culture, grab a craft beer or indulge in some artisanal ice cream.

Valley of the Rogue State Camp

Positioned strategically along I-5, this park acts as a comforting waypoint for families journeying between Oregon and California. But it’s more than just a convenient stopover. The Rogue River, with its rich history and vibrant ecosystem, lends the park its distinctive character. Families can set camp by its banks, indulge in a bit of fishing, or simply relax and enjoy the river’s tales. The trails weave through varying landscapes, each telling a story of the region’s flora and fauna. For those interested in Oregon’s literary history, it’s thrilling to know that renowned author Zane Grey penned his classic, Rogue River Feud, inspired by this very river.

Jessie M. Honeyman Memorial State Camp

Positioned snugly between the Oregon Dunes National Recreation Area and the deep blue of the Pacific, Jessie M. Honeyman offers families a unique dunes-meet-coast campingground experience. The vast stretch of dunes, some towering as high as 500 feet, beckon young adventurers to explore, whether through hiking, dune buggying, or sandboarding. Two freshwater lakes, Cleawox and Woahink, provide the perfect spot for kayaking, paddleboarding, or a refreshing swim. The park’s campgrounds, enveloped in a verdant cloak of trees, offer a refreshing contrast to the sandy dunes, ensuring families have both adventure and relaxation at their fingertips.

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Seasonal Camping Sites of Oregon

Spring: Fort Stevens State Camp

Springtime at Fort Stevens State Park combines outdoor exploration with a dash of history, making it ideal for families seeking a multi-faceted camping experience. The park is a former military installation, with historic fort ruins and a military museum, providing an educational backdrop to your outdoor endeavors. Come spring, wildflowers pepper the landscape, adding vibrant hues to your hiking photos. Numerous bike and walking trails provide avenues to witness the seasonal bloom and the budding coastal vegetation. Coastal areas like the South Jetty offer opportunities for crabbing and fishing, bringing a nautical twist to your family adventure. The varied activities and blooming flora make Fort Stevens a springtime favorite.

Summer: Wallowa Lake State Camp

Wallowa Lake is the answer for those looking to escape the summer heat in an alpine setting. Situated in the northeastern corner of the state, this park offers a different flavor of Oregon. Here, the Wallowa Mountains serve as a backdrop, resembling the Swiss Alps with their snow-capped peaks and glacial forms. The lake itself is a central feature, offering a cool respite from the summer sun. Boating, paddleboarding, and fishing are popular water-based activities that can be enjoyed by the whole family. With temperatures remaining pleasant, even in the heat of summer, this park offers a cool alternative for families looking for both aquatic and mountain adventures.

Fall: Champoeg State Heritage Area

When autumn rolls around, the Champoeg State Heritage Area becomes a spectacle of changing colors and transformative beauty. Situated along the Willamette River, this area is not just a feast for the eyes but also a journey back in time. With historical exhibits and interpretive centers, families can delve into Oregon’s pioneer history while enjoying the fall foliage. Trails along the river and through the wooded areas offer a stunning showcase of autumn leaves in all their fiery glory. The blend of history and natural beauty makes this area particularly compelling in the fall.

Winter: Beverly Beach State Camp

Winter campgrounds are not for everyone, but for those willing to venture, Beverly Beach State Park offers a unique experience. Unlike many coastal areas that are exposed to harsh winds, this park has a natural buffer in the form of a forested area, making it more hospitable during the colder months. The proximity to the ocean offers an opportunity for winter beachcombing, where you might find agates, shells, and driftwood washed ashore by winter storms. The park’s location makes it ideal for exploring nearby coastal towns and landmarks, providing additional activities during your winter stay.

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Camping & RVing In Oregon

The Pacific Northwest beckons, a land where every twist and turn of the road reveals new wonders, from towering pines to rugged coastlines. At the heart of this magnificent realm, Oregon emerges as a testament to nature’s diverse beauty. Here, every camping site tells a story, each season paints a different picture, and every adventure creates lifelong memories.

But what’s an adventure without a trusted steed? An RV isn’t just a vehicle; it’s a mobile window to Oregon’s soul. The freedom to set your pace, the luxury of home comforts while being cradled by nature, and the joy of spontaneous detours – it’s what roadtrip dreams are made of.

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So, pack your wanderlust, gather your loved ones, and set your compass to the enchanting terrains of Oregon and lets travel!! The magic awaits.