When you plan to go RVing you want to let loose and have some fun. With a little bit of prep you can have a great trip. One thing some campers forget to prepare for is keeping their RV secure so they don’t end up on a gloomy trip because belongings were ransacked and taken.

Take these basic precautionary steps to safeguard your belongings when on an RV trip.

  • Stow Valuables Out of Sight
  • Research Your Destination
  • Lock Up
  • Ensure Your RV is Equipped for Fire
  • Insurance

Many times RVs and vehicles are broken into because the prowler/burglar/thief saw something through the window of value or that they wanted. Whenever you and all members or your traveling party are getting ready to leave the RV alone, make sure to do a quick check of any items that are out in plain sight. Anything could be enticing to someone that is looking about to steal something, even a box of food on the counter. Make sure everything is out of sight. Place items in bags, cabinets, drawers, or even under a blanket. If you are traveling with expensive luggage stow it in the closets lock it up tight underneath the RV. Items of high worth are magnets to people looking to resale and make a buck.

This may seem redundant because of course you will be researching your destination and where you will be staying while planning your trip. Take a second to research just a step further; check the crime rate. No matter where you are staying you want to look into how safe it is and any possibilities that may make it easy for someone to get into your things. This is also a good rule of thumb for any road trip pit stops you make along the way.

It is surprising how many people simply forget or don’t think it is necessary to lock the RV. You may be out in the wilderness far away from the hectic places crime usually takes place, but this is where some prowlers like to hang out. There are less eyes to catch them in the act and less suspicion of crime happening. Lock up every point of access including under RV storage and windows.

This might not be what you first think about when you think security while on vacation. RV fires do happen and they can ruin a trip quickly if you do not have the proper safety precautions in place. Make sure you are equipped with plenty of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors.

There is vacation insurance. It can help protect you if you do become victim of theft on a vacation. If you own your RV it is a smart idea to make sure it is properly insured and covered by things like theft, fire, and inclement weather. Make sure your valuables are backed up with insurance to help you get them back or replaced.

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