An RV is basically a very scaled back version of a home that moves about on wheels. When you go on an RV adventure, you take some of the niceties of home with you and many of those items are tucked away into the RV cabinets including dishes, cookware, toiletries, food, etc. So while you are bumping along the road, how does one keep these items secure and in place inside the cabinets?

RVs have been produced for quite a number of years and there have been many improvements and advancements made to the RV since the first models. Today, RV manufacturers are making cabinets that have steady and secure latching systems to help ensure that doors don’t go flying open while the RV is in transit.

As for keeping items from sliding around in cabinets while you are traveling, there are a few things you can do. Start with the shelves themselves. There are many great non stick shelving liners on the market from pricey varieties found at RV supply stores to basic but just as useful varieties of good old fashion contact paper sold at nearly any market or any other superstore. Whatever non-slip shelf liner you choose, simply cut the non slip lining to size and place it on the shelves. Now you are ready to place things in your cabinets with less sliding.

Another method many longtime RVers use is to pad the space between items. Some people like to use their kitchen towels for this. Since you will be using them anyway, make them even more useful when traveling down the road by placing them between breakables in the cupboards. You can also use cut up pool noodles or pieces of poly foam pipe insulation to pad the open spaces between items in the cupboard. Whatever item you choose, they will all do the job of preventing glass and other breakable materials from clacking, bumping, or rubbing together.

Before you leave and head out on the open road in your RV, it is always good to check and make sure everything is secure. Make sure every cupboard has been closed and fully latched shut. If you are still worried about the possibility of a cabinet door coming open during your ride, you can secure doors further with baby latches or make shift latches made from rubber bands. You should be ok with just making sure the cabinet is fully closed.

With your belongings secure and slip-free, you are ready to head out on the road in search of your next outdoor adventure.

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