There is nothing better than a nice hot meal after a day of outdoor adventuring or a day on the road in your RV. As soon as camp is set up and the fire is lit, you will probably be asked several times about what the dinner plans are.

Some campers like to stick to the simple camp classics like hot dogs and beans. Maybe for dessert the marshmallows and roasting sticks will be brought out. While these are great and kid friendly items, you may get tired of having the same meals over and over again.

No matter where you set up camp it is possible to make a healthy home cooked meal. If you are a cooking enthusiast you can even get gourmet with it. In fact, gourmet camp cooking is very trendy right now. There are so many great recipes that are readily available and ready to be cooked on a camping adventure.

A cast iron dutch oven is a great tool for outdoor cooking. You can make some great one pot dinners over a fire in one of these. Most cast iron cookware, for that matter, makes for great cooking over the fire or on the grill and will last for years and years when cared for properly.

Why is Cast Iron a camp friendly cooking choice?

  • Can be used on almost every heat source
  • Rugged and virtually indestructible
  • You may find you like the turnout of your dishes better as cast iron is a higher quality cookware
  • Food rarely sticks to properly seasoned cast iron cookware
  • Cleaning is easy and there is no man-made non stick surface to worry about ruining
  • Upkeep is simple, just season with a thin coat of cooking oil after cleaning.

If you stumble upon a used piece of cast iron cookware at a thrift store or garage sale that looks like it has seen better days, don’t count it out. It is easy to bring life back into cast iron even if it has a coat of rust.

Finding some great recipes for outdoor cooking with cast iron is easy. There are many great recipes to be found on YouTube and Pinterest. You can find hundreds of yummy dishes to cook at all different skill levels and prep time. Something fun to do is challenge yourself to how gourmet you can become cooking over a fire. You will be surprised at the amazing meals you can create, and you may never want to return home to cook on a stove again!

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