It has been pretty warm here in the Pacific Northwest over the last week or so, and this amazing weather is great for RV camping. If you are boondocking (camping without any hookups, also referred to as primitive camping and dry camping), you might need to get creative to keep cool.

Here is a list of ways to beat the heat when you are boondocking:

1. Keep Sun off the Front Door

The best place to boondock in the heat is with the RV parked under a nice shady tree. This is not always a possibility though. If there are not big enough trees to settle under, try parking your RV where the shade will at least cover your front door in the hot afternoon sun. Why? It creates an opportunity to leave the screen door open and get some cool air flow.

2. Awnings and Shades are a Boondocker’s Best Friends

This may seem like a given, but that large exterior awning can help lower the internal temperature of the RV by at least 10 degrees. If you have inside window shades, make use of those as well. Keep them drawn about halfway and keep the windows open to allow breezes to travel through.

3. Make Additional Shade

A great RV gadget is an RV awning sun screen shade kit. It is a screen that attaches to the end of the awning and down to the ground. These provide a nice shady spot outside the RV and give a little more foot space to hang out in.

4. Keep Air Circulating

Some RVs will have ceiling fans. It is okay to use these while boondocking because they use very little battery power and make a drastic difference in the inside temperature of the RV. DO conserve power by only turning them on during the hottest part of the day. To get the best airflow, turn one on the “in” position and the other on the “out” position.

5. Keep the Kitchen Cool

Using the RV stove is going to heat up the RV a great deal. Plan to prepare cool summer salads and cook over the camp fire or on an outdoor grill for most meals to keep the heat outside.

6. Take Care of Yourself

Part of keeping cool is taking care of your body temperature as well as the RV temperature. The best way to lower your body temp is internally by drinking lots of fluids. Continuously sip on plain water and sports drinks or coconut water to keep yourself hydrated and to help handle the heat.

Also avoid activities that require a lot of physical exertion. Limit that hike or bike ride to the morning or at dusk when it is cooler out.

Summertime RV boondocking can be amazing with the right preparedness. Make sure to check the weather and plan ahead so you can enjoy your trip all the more.

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