Can I RV Solo? Going Camping By Yourself

Nov 30, 2017

A vacation all by yourself? Not one friend or family member to join you? To many people this sounds lonely and maybe even weird. Some people really enjoy some time away from everything and everyone. It relaxes and rejuvenates. Solo travel has many benefits.

Considering a solo adventure can be exciting and a little intimidating at the same time. After reading this article you may just get inspired to start packing and head out on your own for a bit.

Can I RV Solo? Going Camping By Yourself

The ability to just go whenever you want (or whenever works around your work schedule and responsibilities) is one of the perks of a solo trip. You don’t have to rearrange your schedule several times for dates that work for everyone. Along this line it is also easier to decide upon a destination and what activities you will enjoy when you get there.

Being on your own gives you more time to get to know new friends and really absorb everything that is goin on around you. There are some great opportunities to meet the friendly people who love to RV frequently. Before you know it you will be learning new cultures and meeting people from all over the country.

This an opportunity to get to know yourself better. Some alone time with nothing but your thoughts will teach you a little bit about yourself and that is a healthy practice. It is great for your mental and spiritual fitness, a very important and much overlooked thing we all need to do more of is take care of our mental health.

When you begin to plan a solo RV trip, the first thing you should do after picking the dates and destination is to tell those closest to you of your plans. This will help to ensure your safety and that someone will know to check in if something is off. Give them your exact dates of travel, departure and arrival times, RV you will be traveling with (including plate numbers), destination and campground, and any daily activities planned if you have them.

Planning a solo vacation is not much different than planning a vacation for a group of people, except for a few things; you may find it easier to take advantage of some activities, you will want to check out your destination’s safety and crime statistics because traveling alone requires more safety awareness than traveling in a pack.

Though it may be easier to make plans be aware that the cost could be a bit higher because you do not have companions to split costs with. Just something to be mindful of if you are on a tight budget. An RV trip is still a great choice though when on a budget.

For some more in depth insight into traveling solo there are countless great guide and travel books out there on traveling solo. We suggest if you have a bucket list full of places you want to explore and you are in an adventurous and self discovering mood, that you get out there as soon as you can. You wont regret it. Browse our website for more information about our RV rental program.