Over recent years, more and more Americans have chosen to get out in the great outdoors and go camping. A large number of this population are RV campers. RV sales have been on the rise recently and are expected to climb even further in 2020. One particular type of RV is expected to be very popular this year and that is the small and easily towable trailer.

RV shoppers are looking for lightweight trailers that can be towed behind small SUVs and even some cars. This allows more RV travelers to get out on the open road without spending a huge sum or having to purchase a new vehicle. Experts in the RV industry say that many families are moving away from owning a towing-specific vehicle and want to pull their RV with the car or SUV they drive around on a daily basis.

A large number of RV manufacturers have caught on to this trend and are now offering extra small trailers and even small motor homes. A surprising amount of luxury can be packed into a tiny space. Airstream’s Basecamp model trailer is one of the most popular, offering wrap around tinted windows, a fridge, microwave, air conditioning, stove, and bed for two. Some small trailers are offering things like custom cabinets, flat screen TVs, and more; all in a lightweight package to enable RV owners to get away more easily.

A company called inTech is taking the small trailer trend to new levels with trailers small enough to park inside of a residential garage. One of inTech’s models is designed to carry a kayak or bike on the roof upping the outdoor adventure possibilities. It also has a queen size bed, premium sound system, USB outlets, and slide out kitchen with burner and fridge all for around $12,000 and weighing in at just 1,500 pounds.

For those that prefer to drive a motorhome, the trend in recreational vehicles is not lost. Small motor homes are also being manufactured to appeal to camping enthusiasts with the same “less is more” and “ease of the open road” mindsets.

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