If you are planning a camping adventure you have probably started with doing homework online about your destination. Once you have decided on where to go you then turn your sights on finding the best campground with an available spot. As you search campgrounds and resorts you might notice some symbols or icons that can have you wondering what they mean. Here is a list of the meanings of common campground symbols to help you out.

An Electric Plug- this means that there is a power hookup for motorhomes and trailers enabling RV users to plug in without using a generator.

Square with a Triangle- tent only camping or a tent only space if found on a map

Dot with Two Rainbow Shaped Lines- this one is pretty universal as it is a symbol used in many places not just the camping world. It indicates that there is wifi available.

Lightening Bolt- usually this will be found under the amenities category on a list. This means that there is an electrical hookup available. Sometimes this symbol can be accompanied by a number indicating how many amps are available.

Dog- this means that pets are welcome. Make sure you do bring a leash along though as many places may have off leash spaces they prefer that pets are on a leash when walking them through camp.

Handicap Symbol- this is also a symbol used everywhere. It indicates that the camp has sites to accommodate guests with special needs like a little more room to maneuver.

Water Faucet- there is a water hookup and/or piped in water is available. Make sure to check if piped in water is drinkable.

Motorhome with Electric Plug- electric hook up is available

Square with the word Full- this means full RV hookups are available: water, sewer, and electric.

Common Campground Terms- some campgrounds may use terms that sound a bit cryptic instead of symbols. Here are some terms you may come across in your search:

Site Type- this may be followed with a word like primitive, premium, or standard. This refers to the description of the spot you will set up your personal camp. Primitive usually indicates no creature comforts. Standard mostly qualifies as a flat graded space for an RV sometimes paved, a fire pit and picnic table. Premium can include a paved space, fire pit, table, hookups, and more.

Equipment Length/ Driveway- this will tell you how large of an RV will fit in the space.

Dump Station- there is a place on site to get rid of RV waste water.

Group- there are large camping areas available to accommodate groups camping together.

Group Horse- camping available with a large group area and individual sites that accommodate a horse

Pull Through- the camping spaces are easy to pull right into with an RV, no backing in required.

Vault or Pit Toilets- non-flushing toilets, these are usually outhouse or port-a-potty style.

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