Every time we go camping, whether it’s in a tent or in an RV, you’ve got to think about your menu. I want something that easy, not a lot of prep, something that I don’t have to add a ton of ingredients to, yet something everybody loves.

So, on the eve our next big camping trip here is my menu.

We will be heading out Sunday morning so will grab something quick at home, have lunch on the road, and have dinner at our campsite. I’ll be bringing some items in the freezer to thaw, and some in the fridge.  Here’s what this menu looks like..


Evening: meatball subs. This should be pretty easy as I plan to pick up hoagie rolls, premade beef meatballs that are probably frozen, throw them in the refrigerator so they saw all day, a can of marinara or tomato sauce, shredded provolone or mozzarella cheese. I will also pick up a bag of Caesar salad mix that has everything included to throw together in a bowl and serve alongside.


Morning: Sausage, egg, hashbrowns and cheese burrito. This is something I have prepared before we left. I took sausage links and cooked them up, hashbrowns or potato cubes and cooked them, scramble some eggs and put cheese on top. Then I wrapped it all up in a flour tortilla and wrapped each burrito individually in foil. When breakfast time comes all I have to do is unwrap them and microwave them or put them on the grill or stove to warm them through.
Lunch: we will actually be driving this day so were going to have lunch on the road but I want to make sure we have enough snacks like granola bars, trail mix and fruit on hand if we can’t find someplace to stop right away.
Dinner: box mac & cheese, a can of green beans, and sliced Polish sausage or kielbasa in the mac & cheese to make a little bit hardier. All I need for this is the milk, unless you are going with Velveta or one of the mac & cheese boxes that has everything in it. The kielbasa is easy to throw in the refrigerator and slice up because it’s already precooked. The can of green beans can be heated up and you can throw in some rolls or maybe left over hoagie rolls from the night before as a bread side.


Morning: I’m going to go with pancakes from the shaker ball pancake mix that you just add water to. This is so stupid easy. You just grab one of the pre-mixed pancake mixes, add water, pour on your griddle or pan. Done. The only thing I have to add to this is syrup and/or better and if you like us, we’ve got to have some peanut butter or Nutela to go with it.
Lunch: were going to take a picnic to the beach so cold cuts, cheese slices, bread, mayonnaise and mustard packet so they don’t have to be refrigerated, a bag of cold grapes and chips. Done.
Dinner: burgers and chips. I’ll start off with some frozen hamburger patties or frozen hamburger from Sunday, leave it in the refrigerator so it’s readyTuesday. All I need from here is hamburger buns and any toppings we may want. A couple of bags of chips and a jar of pickles and you are set.


Morning: biscuits and gravy. I’m going to use some of those pop can biscuits so they can be easily stored in the refrigerator until I need them. I will probably be using the RV oven for this but you can also just put them in a cast-iron skillet and set them on the fire. Move them around until they are done. You can either grab a can of sausage gravy or make your own. I will probably end up making my own since all I have to do is grab a log of sausage, cooking up in my cast-iron skillet, add flour and milk. If we want, we can add a couple of eggs on top.
Lunch: Caesar salad wraps. If I have any left over Caesar salad from Sunday night I will use it in today’s lunch but if not, I’ll make sure to throw in another couple of bags of Caesar salad ready to go. I will also get either rotisserie chicken or make some chicken ahead of time, slice it up and leave it in the refrigerator. When we are ready, simply lay out all the tortillas, filled with chicken Caesar salad mix, rollup and you’re ready to go.
Dinner: loaded baked potatoes. I will get enough large baked potatoes for everyone in our party, I can of chili and a bag of shredded cheese. We can always add in some vegetables like steamed or grilled broccoli, bacon bits and chives if you want to go that far.


Morning: Because this is the last day we will be driving home I will only be worried about breakfast. Were going to have yogurt, which is been in the refrigerator the whole time, a bag of granola which does not have to be refrigerated, and any leftover grapes or fruit that we might have.

So, this is my menu for next week. Wish us luck and we’re going to have a great time.

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