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2020 FORESTER 2401Q

Classy, well-outfitted, extremely comfortable, and smooth riding...
Discounts for 7+ nights.

2020 SUNSEEKER 2550

This New 2020 Forest River Sunseeker has 2 slide outs, a bunk above the cab...
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This Minnie Winnie offers you a spacious interior thanks to a full wall slide & bunks for the kiddos...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This Minnie Winnie offers you a spacious interior thanks to a full wall slide & bunks for the kiddos...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


If you’re looking for a trailer that exemplifies luxury and comfort then look no further...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This 2020 Leprechaun is just the right size for most adventure seekers and loaded with modern comfort features...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This 2020 Leprechaun is just the right size for most adventure seekers and loaded with modern comfort features...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This gorgeous and roomy coach will get you where you need to be both near and far..
Discounts for 7+ nights.


You will feel right at home while traveling down the road with this luxurious Mercedes Melbourne...
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2023 BEYOND 22D

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Planning Your Adventure With A Bremerton RV Rental

Embarking on a journey in Bremerton, WA with your RV rental is an excellent opportunity for families to explore a city rich in naval history and natural beauty. One of Bremerton’s key attractions is the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility. Here, visitors can delve into the city’s naval heritage and see historic ships, making it a must-visit for history enthusiasts.

Another significant destination is the Harborside Fountain Park. This picturesque waterfront park, known for its unique fountains and stunning views of the Sinclair Inlet, is a perfect spot for leisurely walks, picnics, and enjoying the peaceful marine environment.

For those interested in arts and culture, the Bremerton Arts District is not to be missed. This vibrant area features galleries, theaters, and art installations, showcasing the city’s creative side and providing a rich cultural experience.

Whether you’re exploring the naval history at the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard, relaxing at Harborside Fountain Park, or immersing yourself in the Bremerton Arts District, our Bremerton RV rental location provides a selection of comfortable and modern motorhomes, campers, and vans. Choose your adventure, and at the end of each day, your luxurious RV rental awaits to offer you comfort and a sense of home.

Exploring Bremerton In Your RV

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Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

Exploring Puget Sound Naval Shipyard

For those interested in maritime and military history, the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in Bremerton, WA, is a fascinating destination. As a key facility for the U.S. Navy, the shipyard offers a unique glimpse into naval operations and shipbuilding. It’s an ideal place for history buffs, naval enthusiasts, and anyone interested in understanding America’s naval heritage. A visit to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is an intriguing addition to your RV rental vacation! Our RV rentals enable you to explore this historic shipyard and the picturesque city of Bremerton.

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is more than a working naval facility. It’s a historic site with a rich history dating back to the early 20th century. If your RV rental journey brings you here, you can take a guided tour to learn about the shipyard’s role in naval history, see historic ships and submarines, and understand the complexities of ship repair and maintenance. The shipyard also has a naval museum, which provides deeper insights into its historical significance and the evolution of naval technology.

The Puget Sound Naval Shipyard is a destination where historical significance and modern naval activity converge. From its historical tours and naval museum to the sight of active naval vessels, the shipyard appeals to those interested in military history and maritime operations. Each visit to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard offers a new perspective on the naval forces that have played a crucial role in American history. A trip to the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard in your RV rental is not just a visit; it’s a journey into the heart of America’s naval heritage in Bremerton, WA.

Harborside Fountain Park

Harborside Fountain Park, located near Bremerton, Washington, is a beautifully designed urban oasis that combines artistic elements with natural beauty. This park, situated close to the Bremerton Ferry Terminal, offers a unique and relaxing environment for visitors and locals alike.

One of the most striking features of Harborside Fountain Park is its series of captivating water fountains. These fountains, designed to resemble submarine periscopes and naval mines, pay homage to Bremerton’s naval history. The cascading water creates a serene and mesmerizing ambiance, making the park a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city.

Discover Harborside Fountain Park - serene pond -large rest area - Bremerton RV Company recommendation - Bremerton's Best RV Rentals

Harborside Fountain Park

The park’s layout is thoughtfully designed to provide panoramic views of the Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains, offering a scenic backdrop for visitors. The lush landscaping, combined with the water features, creates a tranquil setting perfect for leisurely strolls, picnics, or simply relaxing and enjoying the view.

Harborside Fountain Park is also known for its modern and artistic architecture. The park includes a series of pathways and seating areas, allowing visitors to wander and find their own special spot to unwind. The pathways are accessible, ensuring that everyone, regardless of mobility, can enjoy the beauty of the park.

For families with children, the park offers an engaging environment. The fountains and open spaces provide a fun and safe area for kids to play and explore. The proximity to the ferry terminal also makes it an interesting spot for watching the boats come and go, adding another layer of entertainment for visitors.

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Bremerton Arts District

Bremerton Arts District

Looking for a cultural experience in Bremerton? The Bremerton Arts District offers an enriching exploration of local art and culture, making it a captivating destination for art lovers. While it might not be the sole reason for a trip to Bremerton, it’s an excellent addition to any visit to the city.

The Bremerton Arts District, located in the heart of the city, is a vibrant hub for artists and art enthusiasts. This area is home to a variety of art galleries, studios, and unique shops, each offering a glimpse into the local art scene. The district’s lively atmosphere is a testament to Bremerton’s commitment to cultural enrichment and creative expression.

One of the highlights of the Arts District is its diversity of artistic offerings. From contemporary art galleries showcasing the work of local and regional artists to performance spaces hosting live music and theater, there’s something for every type of art enthusiast. The variety of art forms represented in the district ensures a rich and varied cultural experience.

The Bremerton Arts District also hosts several art-related events throughout the year, including art walks, gallery openings, and cultural festivals. These events are a great way to experience the local art community’s vibrancy and connect with artists and fellow art lovers.

While the Bremerton Arts District may not be a standalone destination for travelers, it is a must-visit for those interested in the arts and looking to add a cultural dimension to their trip. Its unique charm and creative energy make it a rewarding addition to any itinerary in Bremerton.

Camping in Parks Around Bremerton In Your RV Rental

Camping at national and state parks near Bremerton, WA, offers access to a diverse and picturesque natural environment. These parks provide various camping experiences, from serene lakeside locations to secluded forest getaways. However, camping in these natural havens can differ significantly from staying at a typical RV resort. Understanding these distinctions and making the necessary preparations will ensure a memorable and smooth camping experience during your RV rental adventure.

Bringing your RV to these parks allows you to immerse yourself in their natural beauty while enjoying the comforts of home. After a day of exploration, relax in your RV, surrounded by the tranquility of the wilderness

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Illahee State Park

Featured in the scenic Kitsap Peninsula near Bremerton, is a tranquil 75-acre marine camping park that stands out for its rich natural and cultural history. Known for its 1,785 feet of saltwater shoreline, the park is a favorite among anglers, shellfish enthusiasts, and boaters, boasting a deep-water dock and a boat launch. The park’s dense forest canopy provides a lush backdrop for its well-maintained network of trails, perfect for leisurely hikes and wildlife observation.

While it may lack the grandeur of larger parks, Illahee’s quiet charm lies in its blend of marine access, forested trails, and cultural significance, making it a delightful spot for both relaxation and exploration.

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Manchester State Park

Manchester State Park in Washington is a 111-acre waterfront gem located on the Kitsap Peninsula, known for its military history and natural beauty. The park’s most striking feature is the historic torpedo warehouse, now repurposed as a picnic shelter, adding a unique historical dimension to your visit. The park boasts 3,400 feet of saltwater shoreline on Rich Passage, offering picturesque views and opportunities for beachcombing and kayaking. While smaller in size, Manchester State Park stands out with its grassy areas for picnics and a well-maintained campground, making it an ideal spot for family outings and overnight stays.

Blake Island State Park

Blake Island State Park, a unique 475-acre island park accessible only by boat, is a hidden treasure in the Puget Sound, near Seattle. This park is famous for its untouched natural beauty and the iconic Tillicum Village, offering an immersive experience into Native American culture with traditional performances and salmon bakes.

Blake Island’s isolation from the mainland adds to its allure, offering a sense of seclusion and tranquility that’s hard to find. While it requires extra effort to reach, the park’s combination of natural beauty, cultural experiences, and recreational opportunities make it a truly unique and rewarding destination.

Beginning an RV rental adventure to explore the national and state parks around Bremerton offers a distinctive blend of Bremerton’s stunning natural beauty and the convenience of modern RV camping. Our Bremerton RV rentals fleet boasts a variety of options perfectly tailored for exploring these magnificent landscapes. For further information and to enhance your RV rental experience, please visit our website or contact us. Let us be your guide in creating unforgettable memories during your RV rental adventure in Bremerton!

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