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This Minnie Winnie offers you a spacious interior thanks to a full wall slide & bunks for the kiddos...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


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This 2020 Leprechaun is just the right size for most adventure seekers and loaded with modern comfort features...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


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Planning Your Adventure With A Maple Valley RV Rental

Setting out to explore Maple Valley, WA in your RV rental is a fantastic choice for families seeking a blend of outdoor beauty and community activities. One of the top attractions in Maple Valley is Lake Wilderness Park. This scenic park, with its expansive lake, offers opportunities for fishing, boating, and swimming, making it a favorite spot for water enthusiasts and families looking for a day of fun in nature.

Another must-visit location is the Cedar River Trail. Ideal for hiking, biking, or simply enjoying a leisurely walk, this trail winds along the Cedar River and through beautiful natural landscapes, offering a serene outdoor experience.

For those interested in local history and culture, the Maple Valley Historical Society provides a fascinating glimpse into the area’s past. Exploring their historical sites, including the historic railroad depot and museum, is a great way to understand the local heritage and community evolution.

As the leading RV rental provider in Maple Valley, we offer a variety of RVs suitable for all your exploratory needs. Maple Valley is not just about its immediate attractions; it also serves as a gateway to the greater natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest, providing easy access to both urban and rural adventures.

Whether you’re spending time at Lake Wilderness Park, exploring the Cedar River Trail, or delving into local history with the Maple Valley Historical Society, our Maple Valley RV rental location has a range of comfortable and modern motorhomes, campers, and vans. Choose your adventure, and at the end of each day, your luxurious RV rental awaits to provide you with comfort and relaxation.

Exploring Maple Valley In Your RV RENTAL

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Lake Wilderness Park

Lake Wilderness Park

Whether you’re a nature lover or just looking for a peaceful outdoor retreat, Lake Wilderness Park in Maple Valley, WA, will surely impress you. This picturesque park, nestled around the serene Lake Wilderness, is a 117-acre haven offering a blend of natural beauty and recreational activities. It’s an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxing day by the lake, with opportunities for fishing, boating, and hiking amidst lush greenery. A visit to Lake Wilderness Park is a rejuvenating addition to your RV rental vacation! Our RV rentals offer a convenient way to explore this tranquil park and the scenic beauty of the Maple Valley area.

But Lake Wilderness Park is more than just a scenic lakeside area. It serves as a hub for outdoor activities and community gatherings. If your RV rental journey brings you here, you can enjoy the park’s swimming beach, play areas, and picnic facilities, or explore the extensive network of hiking trails. The park also hosts seasonal events and festivals, adding to its appeal as a family-friendly destination.

Lake Wilderness Park is an oasis of outdoor recreation and natural splendor. With its picturesque lake, diverse recreational opportunities, and inviting setting, the park appeals to a wide range of visitors. The changing seasons and variety of wildlife ensure that each visit is unique and memorable. A stop at Lake Wilderness Park in your RV rental is not just a visit; it’s an exploration into the heart of Maple Valley’s natural beauty and community spirit.

The Cedar River Trail

The Cedar River Trail near Maple Valley, WA, offers a picturesque and versatile outdoor experience, making it a popular destination for both locals and visitors. This well-maintained trail follows the path of the Cedar River, presenting an array of scenic views and activities suitable for all ages and abilities.

Stretching from the outskirts of Renton and extending through Maple Valley, the Cedar River Trail spans approximately 17 miles. It’s known for its accessibility and diverse scenery, which includes riverfront views, forested areas, and various wildlife habitats. The trail is mostly paved, making it ideal for walking, biking, jogging, and rollerblading.

Discover Cedar River Trail - serene pond -large rest area - Maple Valley RV Company recommendation - Maple Valley's Best RV Rentals

The Cedar River Trail

One of the trail’s highlights is its proximity to the Cedar River itself. As you travel along the trail, you can enjoy the sights and sounds of the flowing river, which adds a peaceful backdrop to your outdoor activities. In certain sections, the trail runs close enough to the river to allow easy access for fishing or simply relaxing by the water.

For nature enthusiasts, the Cedar River Trail offers ample opportunities for bird watching and wildlife spotting. The surrounding habitats are home to a variety of bird species, and it’s not uncommon to see other wildlife such as deer, especially during the quieter hours of the day.

The trail also passes through several parks and picnic areas, providing convenient spots for a restful break or a leisurely meal outdoors. These areas are equipped with benches and tables, making them perfect for family outings or gatherings with friends.

Cycling enthusiasts particularly enjoy the Cedar River Trail for its smooth surface and gentle gradients, making it a favorite for both leisurely rides and more rigorous cycling workouts. The trail’s length and connectivity to other regional trails also make it a desirable route for long-distance cyclists.

Throughout the year, the Cedar River Trail offers a changing landscape, from the lush greenery of spring and summer to the vibrant colors of fall, and even the serene beauty of a snowy landscape in winter.

Whether you’re seeking a peaceful walk, an invigorating bike ride, or a simple day out in nature, the Cedar River Trail near Maple Valley provides a delightful escape into the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

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Maple Valley Historical Society

Maple Valley Historical Society

As you travel through the charming town of Maple Valley in your RV rental, a visit to the Maple Valley Historical Society is a worthwhile stop for those interested in the local history and heritage. This society offers a unique and insightful look into the past of Maple Valley, showcasing the area’s rich history and the evolution of this vibrant community.

The Maple Valley Historical Society operates two museums: the Maple Valley Historical Museum and the Gibbon/Mezzavilla Store Museum. Both museums are treasure troves of artifacts, photographs, and exhibits that tell the story of Maple Valley’s early days, from its beginnings as a small logging and mining community to its growth into the town we see today.

At the Maple Valley Historical Museum, you’ll find a variety of exhibits that cover different aspects of the town’s past. From antique household items and farming equipment to historical documents and photographs, each exhibit provides a window into the daily lives of Maple Valley’s early settlers. The museum does a wonderful job of preserving and presenting these artifacts in a way that is both educational and engaging.

The Gibbon/Mezzavilla Store Museum, housed in one of Maple Valley’s oldest commercial buildings, offers a glimpse into the town’s commercial history. The museum replicates an early 20th-century general store and post office, complete with original items and fixtures. Walking through the museum feels like stepping back in time, offering a tangible connection to the town’s early commercial era.

Camping in Parks Around Maple Valley In Your RV Rental

Camping at national and state parks near Maple Valley, WA, offers access to a diverse and picturesque natural environment. These parks provide various camping experiences, from serene lakeside locations to secluded forest getaways. However, camping in these natural havens can differ significantly from staying at a typical RV resort. Understanding these distinctions and making the necessary preparations will ensure a memorable and smooth camping experience during your RV rental adventure.

Bringing your RV to these parks allows you to immerse yourself in their natural beauty while enjoying the comforts of home. After a day of exploration, relax in your RV, surrounded by the tranquility of the wilderness

Journey Through Maple Valley in a Rented RV - Find Your Perfect Maple Valley RV Adventure

Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

This is a 320-acre camping park, known for its lush forest setting and riverfront access. This park is particularly renowned for its opportunities in whitewater rafting, kayaking, and trout fishing, attracting enthusiasts from near and far. The Green River Gorge, running through the park, offers some of the most challenging and scenic whitewater experiences in the area. Beyond water sports, the park features several miles of hiking trails that wind through dense forest, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in the tranquility of the Pacific Northwest’s natural beauty.

While not as large or diverse in landscapes as some other state parks, Kanaskat-Palmer stands out with its river-centric activities and serene woodland environment. The park’s campgrounds and picnic areas are well-maintained, making it ideal for weekend getaways or day trips. Kanaskat-Palmer State Park offers a blend of adventurous and relaxing experiences, perfect for those looking to enjoy the natural splendor and recreational activities centered around the Green River.

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Located near the foothills of the Cascade Mountains in Washington, is a compact 117-acre day-use park that wraps around the serene Deep Lake. Unlike larger, more expansive parks, Nolte offers an intimate setting perfect for picnics, freshwater swimming, and fishing. The park’s main attraction is the one-mile loop trail encircling Deep Lake, providing an easy and scenic walk suitable for all ages. The forested area around the lake is lush with native plants and offers a habitat for local wildlife, making it great for nature observation and photography.

Saltwater State Park

This 137-acre park, renowned for its half-mile sandy beach along Puget Sound, provides an ideal setting for picnicking, beachcombing, and observing marine life. It’s a standout for its underwater artificial reef, a magnet for scuba divers exploring the diverse marine ecosystem.

While it may not have the vast wilderness of larger parks, its easy accessibility and the combination of beach and forest provide a charming, if not expansive, outdoor experience. Ideal for a family day out or a brief nature retreat, the park offers a picturesque yet modest adventure close to urban areas.

Beginning an RV rental adventure to explore the national and state parks around Maple Valley offers a distinctive blend of Maple Valley’s stunning natural beauty and the convenience of modern RV camping. Our Maple Valley RV rentals fleet boasts a variety of options perfectly tailored for exploring these magnificent landscapes. For further information and to enhance your RV rental experience, please visit our website or contact us. Let us be your guide in creating unforgettable memories during your RV rental adventure in Maple Valley!

RV Parks Near Maple Valley

Campgrounds near Maple Valley, WA

  • Kanaskat-Palmer State Park

  • Nolte State Park

  • Saltwater State Park

  • Penrose Point State Park

  • Federation Forest State Park

  • Kopachuck State Park

Parks and Trails in Maple Valley, WA

  • Cedar River Trail

  • Lake Wilderness Park Trails

  • Cedar Downs Park Trail

  • Ravensdale Retreat Natural Area Trails

  • Henry’s Ridge Open Space Trails

  • Summit Lands Park Trails

  • Maplewood Park Trail

  • Kanaskat-Palmer State Park Trails

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