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Our Favorite RV Rentals Near Des Moines, Washington

2020 FORESTER 2401Q

Classy, well-outfitted, extremely comfortable, and smooth riding...
Discounts for 7+ nights.

2020 SUNSEEKER 2550

This New 2020 Forest River Sunseeker has 2 slide outs, a bunk above the cab...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This Minnie Winnie offers you a spacious interior thanks to a full wall slide & bunks for the kiddos...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This Minnie Winnie offers you a spacious interior thanks to a full wall slide & bunks for the kiddos...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


If you’re looking for a trailer that exemplifies luxury and comfort then look no further...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This 2020 Leprechaun is just the right size for most adventure seekers and loaded with modern comfort features...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This 2020 Leprechaun is just the right size for most adventure seekers and loaded with modern comfort features...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This gorgeous and roomy coach will get you where you need to be both near and far..
Discounts for 7+ nights.


You will feel right at home while traveling down the road with this luxurious Mercedes Melbourne...
Discounts for 7+ nights.

2023 BEYOND 22D

This Beyond Class B comes fully stocked and ready to get you where the action is...
Discounts for 7+ nights.

Planning Your Adventure With A Des Moines RV Rental

Exploring Des Moines, WA in your RV rental is an adventure the whole family will cherish, with an abundance of thrilling activities at your fingertips. Begin your journey with a visit to the stunning Highline Botanical Garden, a green oasis in the heart of the city. Art enthusiasts will be drawn to the Des Moines Arts Center, boasting an impressive collection of contemporary art and iconic architecture. And what’s a trip to Des Moines without experiencing the charm of the Des Moines Beach Park, with its scenic waterfront and rich coastal history?

Des Moines offers more than just urban attractions. Nestled in the scenic Washington landscape, adventurers can take their RV rental to the serene Saltwater State Park, perfect for a leisurely picnic or a peaceful stroll along the shoreline. For those who revel in the beauty of nature, the Midway Wildlife Preserve, a short drive from the city, presents an extraordinary opportunity to witness Washington’s native wildlife and wetlands.

Our fleet is equipped with a diverse range of luxurious motorhomes, campers, and vans. So after a day of exploring the bustling Marina District, with its waterfront dining and recreational options, or immersing yourself in the vibrant atmosphere at the Des Moines Marina, your comfortable and stylish RV awaits to offer you rest and relaxation. Whether it’s exploring the coastal charm of Des Moines or venturing into the picturesque Washington countryside, your RV rental experience is sure to be filled with unforgettable moments.

Explore DES MOINES, IA In Your RV

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Highline Botanical Garden

Smell the flowers at Highline Botanical Garden

Discover the captivating beauty of Highline Botanical Garden nestled in SeaTac, WA! Spanning over 10 acres, this hidden gem boasts a diverse array of flora and meticulously landscaped gardens. Whether you’re a seasoned plant enthusiast or simply seeking a serene escape, our RV rentals offer the perfect opportunity to explore this enchanting oasis.

Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature as you wander through themed gardens, including Japanese and rose gardens, along with a sensory garden designed to engage all your senses. Beyond its scenic allure, Highline Botanical Garden serves as a dynamic hub for horticultural education and community events.

Join us for workshops, plant sales, and seasonal festivities, creating unforgettable memories for garden enthusiasts and families alike. Embark on an RV rental adventure and experience the unparalleled charm of Highline Botanical Garden in SeaTac!

Explore the captivating allure of Highline Botanical Garden, a haven of floral splendor and horticultural richness in SeaTac, WA! Immerse yourself in the meticulously curated gardens and engaging educational displays that cater to a diverse range of visitors.

With its vibrant community-focused events and ever-changing scenery, Highline Botanical Garden promises a unique experience with each visit. Whether you’re reveling in the vibrant blooms, participating in enriching gardening workshops, or simply savoring a leisurely stroll, every moment is filled with natural wonder.

Make your Des Moines RV rental journey truly unforgettable by including a stop at Highline Botanical Garden. It’s not just a destination; it’s an essential part of experiencing the lush green beauty of SeaTac, WA.

Fall in Love With the Arts Center

Experience a fusion of creativity, architectural grandeur, and cultural significance at the Des Moines Arts Center in Washington! Step into a realm of artistic enchantment where contemporary art, iconic architecture, and a warm ambiance converge to offer a truly unparalleled experience.

Designed by the renowned architect I.M. Pei, the Des Moines Arts Center is a masterpiece in itself, boasting a striking modernist design and expansive glass walls that bathe the interiors in natural light. It’s a sanctuary where innovation meets expression, creating an atmosphere of visual splendor.

At the heart of the Des Moines Arts Center lies its dedication to contemporary art. Explore an extraordinary collection featuring works by global artists, ranging from paintings and sculptures to captivating multimedia installations. Whether you’re a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious visitor, there’s something to inspire and delight at every turn.

Pacific Bonsai Museum - peaceful, serene - Federal Way RV Company recommendation - Federal Way's Best RV Rentals

Des Moines Arts Center

Immerse yourself in the inclusive ambiance of the Des Moines Arts Center, where community and connection thrive. Discover a vibrant hub that not only showcases exhibitions and events but also cultivates educational programs for both seasoned art enthusiasts and newcomers to the world of contemporary art.

From captivating gallery explorations to enriching lectures and tranquil courtyard retreats, the Arts Center beckons you to join its creative odyssey. Experience the joy of being part of a dynamic artistic community, where every visit promises inspiration and discovery.

Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden - serene, natural beauty - Federal Way RV Company recommendation - Federal Way's Finest RV Rentals -- Rhododendron Species Botanical Garden, Federal Way

Des Moines Marina

Get Aboard the Marina

The Des Moines Marina stands out for its beautiful waterfront setting and well-equipped facilities. It’s a bustling gateway for boating enthusiasts, with a wide range of services catering to sailors and fishermen alike. The marina is also a popular spot for those looking to enjoy the beauty of Puget Sound without setting sail.

Choosing what to explore first at the Des Moines Marina can be as refreshing as the ocean breeze. The public boardwalk and pier offer delightful strolls with panoramic views of the water and the Olympic Mountains. These spots are perfect for a leisurely walk, some bird watching, or simply enjoying a stunning sunset over the Sound.

Beyond its nautical charm, the marina is surrounded by a vibrant area filled with shops, restaurants, and cafes. These local establishments provide a taste of the city’s culture and cuisine, making the marina a great place to experience the local flavor and enjoy fresh seafood.

Discover a hidden gem for RV travelers in Des Moines, WA: the Des Moines Marina. This coastal haven offers a perfect blend of maritime charm, scenic vistas, and community vibrancy, making it an essential stop on your Washington itinerary.

Immerse yourself in the tranquil allure of the marina, where maritime activities harmonize with breathtaking natural beauty. Whether you’re seeking relaxation or adventure, the Des Moines Marina promises a memorable coastal experience for all. Don’t miss out on this delightful fusion of relaxation and exploration during your Washington RV journey!

State Parks For RV Camping

Embark on an unforgettable RV rental camping adventure near Des Moines, WA, and discover the unparalleled beauty of the Pacific Northwest’s diverse landscapes. From the picturesque shores of Puget Sound to the lush forests, these camping destinations offer a myriad of experiences tailored to your preferences.

Whether you crave a tranquil beachfront retreat or seek solitude in the heart of nature, the camping options in this region cater to every adventurer. While RV camping in these natural settings differs from typical resort amenities, adequate preparation ensures a seamless and enjoyable experience.

By bringing your RV rental in Des Moines, you can indulge in the breathtaking surroundings while relishing the comforts of home. Picture yourself unwinding in your RV after a day of beachcombing, hiking, or birdwatching, surrounded by the serene beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in nature’s splendor during your RV rental journey near Des Moines!

Saltwater State Park - Premier RV Rentals of Des Moines- Secure Your RV Rental in Des Moines Today

Saltwater State Park

Saltwater State Park, positioned not far from Des Moines encompasses 137 acres and is known for its distinctive combination of marine and forest environments. The park features a half-mile stretch of saltwater beach, attracting beachgoers, scuba divers, and those seeking scenic views of the Sound.

In addition to its beachfront, the park has a forested area with trails that lead through a variety of Pacific Northwest flora, culminating in a captivating waterfall. These trails are ideal for hiking, offering visitors a chance to explore the area’s natural beauty.

Saltwater State Park is equipped with facilities for picnicking and camping, making it a favored spot for both day trips and overnight stays. Its unique location offers easy access to urban areas while maintaining a sense of seclusion and tranquility. It also offers a great spot for your RV rental in Des Moines.

Plan Your RV Trip in Des Moines - Top-Rated RVs for Rent in Des Moines

Dash Point State Park

This park stretches over 398 acres and is well-known for its extensive shoreline on Puget Sound. This park is a popular destination for beachgoers, offering a sandy beach that’s ideal for swimming, fishing, and tidepool exploration.

The park features a network of trails suitable for hiking and biking, traversing through a forested landscape. These trails provide opportunities to experience the park’s natural environment, including its diverse flora and fauna.

In addition to beach activities, Dash Point State Park is equipped with facilities for camping and picnicking, making it a great location for both day visits and longer stays. The park’s campsites are set in scenic locations, offering visitors a chance to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.

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Blake Island State Park

Discover the hidden gem of Blake Island State Park, nestled in the Puget Sound near Seattle, Washington. Spanning 475 acres, this marine park offers an unparalleled blend of natural beauty and cultural immersion.

Accessible only by boat, Blake Island boasts Tillicum Village, where visitors can partake in cultural experiences and traditional Northwest Coast Native American performances. The park’s isolation provides a rare sense of seclusion and tranquility, making it a haven for those seeking refuge from urban life.

With 5 miles of pristine saltwater beach shoreline and 8 miles of hiking trails winding through forests and meadows, Blake Island offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure. However, its exclusive boat access may limit accessibility for some visitors, particularly those without marine transport.

Despite its remote location, Blake Island remains a captivating destination for camping enthusiasts, boaters, and those interested in Native American culture. While amenities may be limited compared to more accessible state parks, the unique experiences it offers are truly unforgettable.

RV Parks Near Des Moines

  • Saltwater State Park Campground, Des Moines, WA

  • Majestic Manor RV Park, Des Moines, WA

  • Issaquah Village RV Park, Issaquah, WA

  • Gig Harbor RV Resort, Gig Harbor, WA

Campgrounds near Des Moines

  • Saltwater State Park Campground, Des Moines, WA

  • Seattle/Tacoma KOA, Kent, WA
  • Blake Island Marine State Park, Port Orchard, WA

  • Dash Point State Park Campground, Federal Way, WA

  • Vasa Park Resort, Bellevue, WA

  • Illahee State Park Campground, Bremerton, WA

Parks and Trails in Des Moines

  • Des Moines Creek Trail, Des Moines, WA

  • Saltwater State Park Trails, Des Moines, WA

  • Marine View Park Trails, Des Moines, WA

  • Steven J. Underwood Memorial Park Trails, Des Moines, WA

  • Grandview Off-Leash Dog Park Trails, Des Moines, WA

  • Dash Point State Park Trails, Federal Way, WA

  • Redondo Beach Boardwalk Trail, Des Moines, WA

  • Jordan Creek Trail – West Des Moines, IA

  • Normandy Beach Trail, Normandy Park, WA

  • Seahurst Park Trails, Burien, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

On average, you can expect to pay between $100 and $150 per night to rent most small trailers. Larger motorhomes and RVs start at $150 per night and go up based on size, and features. Renting an RV for your trip through Des Moines for a longer time can be even more affordable–a week or month-long rental could average out to less than $75 per day for a trailer.

By default our RVs come with 400 free miles per day, which is enough to cover the average trip. So if you rent for 5 days, then you have 2000 free miles total. If you’re going to be driving over 400 miles per day, then you’ll be able to see what extra miles will cost at checkout. Got a cross country trip planned? Give us a call and we’ll work out a way to get you unlimited miles.

We allow dogs in our rentals at no additional cost, but do require an extra fee for cats due to the cleaning difficulties. Please give us a call before you request a booking to discuss the specific rental’s feline fee.

We understand having an RV delivered to your home or destination is a great way to simplify your trip. The logistics of delivering an RV are pretty immense because it requires at least two drivers. If you need an RV delivered to Renton, please give us a call. We deliver RVs all the time, but each fee is different due to mileage and time.

Using an RV for the first time can be scary, but as you rent more RV’s the more your confidence and comfort with them will grow. You also need to figure out what layout is best for you, where should the bed be, how close should the kitchen be to the door, how many people do you need to sleep? Questions like these can help you figure out the best RV for your needs. When you buy an RV you usually can’t test-vacation them, but with an RV rental from NW Adventure Rentals, you can test out several different styles and features to select the right one for your family.

And when you consider the challenges of ownership, such as the monthly payments, storage and insurance, not to mention regular maintenance, you may just find that it makes more sense in the long run to rent an RV from NW Adventure Rentals

Your RV Rental needs will vary depending on how many people you are bringing, and where you plan to go. If there are two people who plan to go skiing in the mountains, you might consider one of our smaller, all-wheel-drive campervan rentals. On the other hand, a long road-trip with four kids might call for renting a Class A motorhome with plenty of space. Remember, dinnertime and bedtime are when your RV rental will feel most crowded, and however large the motorhome feels when you pick it up, it is bound to shrink once everyone is milling about inside.

Small travel trailers and B Class camper vans can sleep 2-4 people comfortably. Mid-size trailers and motorhomes are often around 4-8 people. Bigger rig like our Class A RVs easily sleep 6-10, while our biggest units sleep 12!

Why choose NW Adventure Rentals over Craigslist, Outdoorsy, or your second uncle’s friend Tom? Our focus on professional RV care and local expertise sets us apart. NW Adventure Rentals ensures each RV is meticulously maintained by professionals, offering you peace of mind during your travels. Additionally, our team’s local knowledge provides invaluable insights for your journey. While other platforms may offer the bare minimum in security and assistance, our combination of professional RV management and local expertise provides a superior and more personalized rental experience.

Our Team Really Cares

We’re real people and a hard working family business. When you’re checking out one of our RVs you might meet Marty, who knows every one of our vehicles like the back of his hand. One of our Housekeepers, Julie, Michell or Caitlen, will ensure your RV is as clean as it was brand new, inside and out. Jason, our Lynnwood Store Manager oversees our operations in the Seattle area.

Our Vehicles are Modern, Equipped And Fully-furnished

We offer newer model, luxury RVs that are in Top Working order. Our mechanics on staff ensure everything works to perfection. When you Rent an RV, the kitchen is furnished with a full compliment of kitchenware. We include towels and linens for the master bed. You pretty much need just bring your luggage and your food, and your vacation is ready to begin. We offer 24 hour support in the unlikely event you might have a question or need some assistance while you’re on the road. From Door to Door we’ve got you covered.

We’ve been renting to Des Moines for years, boasting a track record longer than any of our competitors in the area. Our longstanding presence in Des Moines has not only allowed us to refine our service to perfection but also to build a deep understanding of what our customers need and want when renting for this area.