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Here Are Some of Our Favorite Spokane RV Rentals


If you've always loved vintage/retro everything, then this Airstream camper is for you! Channeling...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


A luxurious travel trailer with just the right amount of compact without being cramped...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


If you’re looking for a trailer that exemplifies luxury and comfort then look no further...
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Get ready for an adventure and rest easy in this bunkhouse single axle travel trailer...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


Don’t let this dreamy RV lure you into staying inside for your whole vacation! With its fully...
Discounts for 7+ nights.

2018 VISTA 32YE

Talk about the ultimate coach for the traveling family! A master bedroom in the rear with a king...
Discounts for 7+ nights.

2020 FLAIR 28A

Whether your camping adventures take you near or far, you will want this Flair...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


Step into this luxury RV rental, and all of your motorhome dreams will come true! Well equipped with...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


Our 25' Melbourne will provide up to 6 adventurers with a high-end place to call home while on the...
Discounts for 7+ nights.


This Minnie Winnie offers you a spacious interior thanks to a full wall slide & bunks for the kiddos...
Discounts for 7+ nights.
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Start Your RV Rental Adventure in Spokane

If it’s adventure you’re looking for, Spokane, WA, is your best place for an RV rental! Located at the extreme eastern edge of Washington state, you can drive your RV rental mile upon mile in any direction and encounter anything from Silverwood Theme Park to a moose ambling along the Spokane River to your favorite band playing at the Gorge Amphitheater. As Spokane County’s premier choice for RV rentals, it’s easy to find an RV that will take you where you want to go!

The beautiful Lake Couer d’Alene is only a half hour drive from your RV rental pick-up, a hot spot for all sorts of water sports with a charming town to explore while you’re there. If you prefer a smaller lake or perhaps a river, Spokane is home to Liberty Lake, Newsom Lake, Loon Lake and Long Lake to name just a few, as well as the Spokane River and the Little Spokane River. From kayaking to fishing to water skiing, water lovers of all varieties will have a fabulous time in Spokane.

Spokane, WA also boasts a fun down-town experience for those who prefer to spend some time in the city. A multitude of great restaurants, coffee stops and shops await you, along with the fabulous riverfront park with views of the incredible falls on the Spokane river. Home to the 1974 World’s Fair, the Spokane riverfront is a great place to have some fun. Trails, an old-time carousel, the ice skating ribbon and even a gondola ride over the Spokane Falls all add to the exhilarating experience. 

But if you want to get out into nature, you can’t go wrong in Spokane. Along with the wide variety of available hiking trails, the hunting and fishing in Spokane is first rate. And for you skiers and snowboarders, Mt. Spokane has loads of snow and great runs, and is just a half hour away from your RV rental pick-up. There are also plenty of places to ride your snowmobiles, ATVs and mountain bikes, all accessible with your luxurious RV rental from NW Adventure Rentals.

Exploring Spokane

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Discovering Silverwood Theme Park

Did you know that just a half-hour drive from your RV rental pick-up in Spokane lies 413 acres of pure fun? Silverwood Theme Park in Athol, ID is the largest theme park in the Pacific NW. With a water park, rides, restaurants and shows, there is something for everyone in the family!

Other attractions at Silverwood include a resident magician, a train ride, shopping, an arcade and even live music.

Silverwood Theme Park offers many events throughout the open season, most with discounted tickets. Opening day is generally at the end of April, and they celebrate by offering discounts. There is also a kid’s weekend, a healthcare appreciation weekend and a hero’s weekend for the special people in your life. 

For those of you who love a beautiful set of wheels, you won’t want to miss the classic car show in September. And best of all–Silverwood presents Scarywood in October for all of you who love thrills and chills! The Travel Channel has listed Scarywood as “One of Halloween’s Scariest Thrills!”

For your convenience and comfort, Silverwood even has an RV park! It offers full hook-ups, laundry facilities, volleyball court and a play structure. The theme park is within easy walking distance of your RV for those of you who may have little children and strollers. They even offer discounted tickets if you stay in the RV park!

What could be better than picking up your RV rental with NW Adventure Rentals in Spokane and taking the family to Silverwood Theme Park? A truly magical time awaits!

RV Rental for Winter-time Camping Fun!

An RV rental in winter will require more effort, but if you’re game, it will be well worth it! Around Spokane, WA, winter-time sports like skiing, snowboarding and hunting are right at your fingertips, and better yet, the summer crowds will be gone!

While RV travel in the summertime is definitely easier, with these tips, you should be well on your way to a great time no matter the temperature!

Here is a list of things you should do to prepare for a winter RV trip:

  1. The most important thing you can do in the winter is to make sure you have access to a reliable 110 volt source at your campsite or RV park. This will help you keep the batteries charged, reduce propane consumption, and allow for electric heat in your RV rental.
  2. You will want another heat source, like a space heater, in addition to the RV furnace. Relying on the forced air system in your RV rental will eat through your propane very quickly.
  3. Protect your water and sewer lines; this is mandatory if you use the kitchen and bathroom inside the RV. Keeping the RV warm inside, even when you’re not in it, will go a long way towards keeping plumbing fixtures from freezing.
  4. You can keep pipes in the walls warmer by opening cupboard doors, therefore exposing them to the inside heat.
  5. Dehumidifiers are a great help to keep the moisture levels down inside your RV rental. This is a great tool if you are finding sheets of ice on the walls or ceilings.
  6. Electric blankets are great for keeping you warm and snug, not to mention cozy!
  7. Keep curtains closed as much as possible to help keep the heat inside.
  8. RV skirts and/or an insulating foam board cut to fit between the RV frame and the ground will help to insulate tanks and water lines as well as the floor. This is an extra expense, but well may be worth it in the long-run, especially for a longer RV rental.
  9. Place blocks of wood beneath stabilizing jacks to keep the jacks from freezing to the concrete.
  10. And always make sure to have an emergency preparedness kit with you to be ready for the worst just in case. Some good items to have include: tire chains, weather band radio, extra blankets, extra warm clothes, sleeping bags for sub zero temps, 5 gallons of drinking water stored in a heated space, white gas camp stove, gas-power generator, extra propane, blow dryer for defrosting pipes or tanks, GPS system, extra food, and emergency cash.

In addition to these great tips, you will also want to be familiar with your destination. Call ahead to make sure the camping spot is open and has an electrical connection. Also check the route you are taking and make sure the roads you will be traveling are still safe to navigate. And don’t forget to have fun! Breathe in that fresh, cold air, take in the snow-covered peaks and come back to your snug RV rental, ready to warm up!

Lake in Spokane

Getting Outside in Spokane–in any Season!

Spokane, WA is full of things to do, no matter the season, making it an ideal place to rent a luxury RV from NW Adventure Rentals! Whether it’s the outdoors that calls or the city of Spokane that invites, you will have a fabulous time and make good memories while you’re at it.

With all the rivers and lakes in and near Spokane, you won’t have a problem escaping the heat of the day during the summer months. Boating, fishing, kayaking and swimming are just a few of the ways to enjoy the water.

No boat? No matter! Check out the Lake Coeur d’Alene Cruise website here…https://www.cdacruises.com/daily-cruises/. You can reserve tickets ahead of time for a cruise around the vast and stunning lake in nearby Idaho. They have lots of options, from a short cruise to a fine-dining experience with a dinner cruise. After a full day of sun and water, your RV rental will be a welcome place to relax!

The fall color in Spokane is stunning, whether you’re on a hike in the woods, or walking in a park in the charming South Hill community. Enjoy driving the backroads of Spokane in your RV rental, viewing the birches, oaks and maple trees in their glowing color. The fall is also a good time for some wild-life viewing or hunting, as the deer and moose are in rut, and turkeys and pheasants abound. And your RV rental is a convenient and comfortable way to enjoy the warm days and chilly nights of fall in Spokane!

Winter sports in Spokane are a big deal, with Mt. Spokane only a half-hour drive from the city. With an average snowpack of 300 inches and elevations in the 5000-6000 range, the conditions for skiing and snowboarding, along with cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing, are perfect. You can also travel a little farther and hit Schweitzer, Silver Mountain, Lookout Pass and 49 Degrees North–all within seventy miles of Spokane.

And then there is spring in Spokane, also known as The Lilac City. You won’t want to miss the Lilac Festival and parade in late May, or the lilacs themselves! Take a walk in Manito Park and wander among the roses, lilacs and other perennials, breathing in the sweet scent of these beautiful botanical gardens.

Rent your RV from NW Adventure Rentals any time of the year in Spokane, WA. You won’t be disappointed! Looking for more luxury RV rentals in Washington? Check out our RV rentals in Seattle.

RV Parks Near Spokane

Campgrounds near Spokane, WA

Frequently Asked Questions

NW Adventure Rentals is the premier RV rental agency in the Seattle area for the following reasons:

  • We offer late model, luxury rental RVs that are fully (and we mean FULLY) furnished.
  • Our rental units are sparkling clean, sanitized and meticulously maintained for your rental.
  • Your RV rental will not have advertising graphics all over it, you’re renting an RV, not a billboard!
  • We have skin in the game – unlike a private individual with one RV on one of those RV rental websites, we won’t change our mind and leave you stranded. We’ll make sure your rental vacation goes off without a hitch (unless you’re renting a trailer, then we’ll include the hitch!)

Our rental units come with the following equipment:

  • Cookware – pots and pans, cookie sheet, knife set, French press coffee maker, toaster, tea kettle
  • Kitchenware – utensils, dishes, measuring cups, cutting board, wine-bottle opener, oven mitts
  • Bedding, kitchen and bath towels, dish soap & sponge, Lysol & paper towels, broom & dust pan
  • Wheel chocks, sewer hose, fresh water hose, pressure regulator, electrical adapter
  • It’s all included, we did our best to think of everything you might need for your RV Rental adventure!

Absolutely! We wouldn’t want to leave Fido home, and neither should you. We only ask that your pet treat the RV with care, and that you take responsibility for any damage or cleanliness issues that may arise. But this is rarely a problem, and dogs love an RV rental adventure almost as much as you do.

At NW Adventure Rentals, the answer is… Great!! Did you know that most of our fleet is privately owned? Through our Leaseback Program, we will rent out your RV and share the rental revenue with you, the owner. We provide free storage, we’ll furnish the RV and insure it (our insurance covers you as well) and we’ll manage all maintenance needs. You get to use the RV whenever you want, and when you’re not using it, you’ll be earning money! Visit our Leaseback Section to learn more.

RV rentals and Travel Trailer rentals each have their distinct advantages. Renting an RV instead of a travel trailer is generally more maneuverable, and also does not require you to own a tow vehicle. You can pull into a rest area and use the kitchen or restroom without going outside, and kids can sit at the table with seatbelts and be entertained while you are driving. A travel trailer rental, on the other hand, offers the ability to park the trailer at your campsite and use the tow vehicle to get around more easily than a sometimes cumbersome RV.

Your RV Rental needs will vary depending on how many people you are bringing, and where you plan to go. If there are two people who plan to go skiing in the mountains, you might consider one of our smaller, all-wheel-drive campervan rentals. On the other hand, a long road-trip with four kids might call for renting a Class A motorhome with plenty of space. Remember, dinnertime and bedtime are when your RV rental will feel most crowded, and however large the motorhome feels when you pick it up, it is bound to shrink once everyone is milling about inside.

Many of our RV Rental customers fly to Spokane from out of state. You can fly to Spokane International Airport, or better yet, see if you can get a flight to Felts Field in Spokane, WA, a smaller, less crowded airport that is closer to our RV rental store in Spokane. Either way, the best solution for most people is to use Uber or Lyft to get to our RV Rental facility from the airport. Your motorhome rental will be eagerly waiting for you!