Renting our RVs in the Winter

Renting our RVs in the Winter

Winter is a great time to rent an RV, but it does bring with it a few additional considerations. The primary concern, of course, is the cold weather and its effect on RV systems, particularly the plumbing. The simple fact is, water freezes when it gets too cold, and when it freezes in the RV plumbing, you have no flowing water at best, and at worst, potential damage to the RV plumbing system. Wind speed and direction can also be a factor in how warm the plumbing stays.

Most RVs can handle temperatures down into the 20’s if the RV itself is kept warm, but again, wind speed/direction and other factors can affect this. Running the furnace allows some heat to radiate from the heater ducting into the walls/compartments as well, helping keep the plumbing warm. Keeping the RV warm inside will not guarantee protection in all conditions, but it does go a long way toward keeping the plumbing from freezing. Note that a portable electric space heater will not have this benefit, even though it keeps the interior warm.

NW Adventure Rentals is happy to provide you with a quality RV to use in the winter time, even to cold destinations such as ski areas and east of the mountains. We will do our best to help you select the best RV for your trip, and will advise you on best practices while camping in the cold. Unfortunately, though, we cannot predict or control precise conditions at your destination, and therefore cannot make guarantees about the performance or safety of the plumbing systems in the RV.

If you choose to rent an RV for winter use, you are accepting responsibility for the care and safety of that rental unit. It is up to you to take appropriate steps to prevent freezing of the RV systems. You'll need to adjust expectations, and understand that if, despite your best efforts, the plumbing freezes, you will have the inconvenience of not having water flowing from the faucets. Further, you may be liable for the cost of repairs to broken plumbing or fixtures.

While there is a risk of inconvenience or worse while camping in winter conditions, many people successfully do it each year by recognizing the risk, performing appropriate research and preparing in advance. Feel free to give us a call if you would like to discuss the best ways to prepare and equip yourself for a winter RV rental!