RV Rental Insurance

Rental Insurance

RV Rental insurance is a necessary part of renting an RV, but we make this part easy as well. When you rent an RV or Travel Trailer from NW Adventure Rentals, you have two choices for insurance:

First, you may provide your own insurance. If you choose this option, you simply need to provide a binder that lists the year, make, model and VIN for the RV or trailer that you are renting. This binder should list NW Adventure Rentals as additional insured and as Loss Payee.

ATTENTION! If you are providing your own insurance, we MUST have a binder from your insurance agent that lists the Year, Make, Model and VIN of the rental vehicle, and that lists NW Adventure Rentals as additional insured and as Loss Payee. If you do not have this when you pick up your rental, your rental will be delayed while you call your agent to request a binder.

Alternately, you may simply purchase RV rental insurance through us. When you book a rental online, the insurance is added as a line-item to your reservation. You may either accept or reject this insurance when you make the reservation. You may also cancel the insurance any time prior to your rental as long as you provide your own insurance.

Please note that insurance companies treat multiple incidents as multiple claims. If you have two or more accidents on your rental, each will have its own separate deductible.

Click here to see what is covered by our insurance plan.

This RV rental insurance offers comprehensive, collision and liability with a $500 deductible for travel trailers and $1000 for RVs. The is offered by Outdoorsy.com, with different package options as outlined below: