What's Included

What sets NW Adventure Rentals apart from any other company or private owner is our attention to detail. Our RV"s come with a fully-equipped kitchen (cookware, dishes, etc.) even a coffee maker and toaster. Bedding is provided for the main bed, and clean towels are provided for the kitchen and bathroom. This is all included in the rental price. You'll drive out on your vacation very nicely equipped, with the following items:

  • Kitchenware - Dishes, utinsels, silverware, pots/pans, baking trays, coffee maker, toaster, wine-bottle opener and more.
  • Bedding for the main bed only. Sleeping bags available for the other beds, see below.
  • Kitchen and bath towels.
  • Broom/dustpan, dish soap & sponge, paper towels, spray cleaner, TP.
  • Wheel chocks, fresh-water hose & pressure regulator, sewer hose, leveling blocks/pads, 30-amp to 20-amp electrical adapter.
  • Travel trailers include a weight-distributing hitch when required.
  • Camping chairs are not included by default, but are available at no charge, just ask when you come to pick up your RV rental!
Optional Items
Rental add-ons:

We offer a number of convenient optional items that you will be able to add to your reservation if desired. These selections can be made during the checkout process:

  • Remote Brake Controller - If you don’t have an electronic brake controller on your tow vehicle, you may rent a remote brake controller from us. Read more about towing requirements here.
  • 900 watt generator - A small, quiet generator that will run on propane and keep your batteries charged. This has limeted capacity and will not power appliances.
  • 3500 watt generator - A larger, more powerful generator that will run the A/C and other appliances.
  • Bicycle rack - Holds four bicycles and mounts to the back of the RV. Not available for trailers.
  • Sleeping bag - $10 per rental (not per day) - This helps us pay to launder after every use and replace when necessary.

We also recognize that some of our customers prefer to let us handle all aspects of the cleaning. If this is you, see below for a list of our optional RV rental services.

Optional Services:
  1. Platinum Service Package - Interior/exterior cleaning, septic service and propane service bundled together to save you a bundle. Just bring it back and let us take care of everything for you! NOTE: Applies to "normal use" cleaning. Extremely dirty conditions, pet/smoke odors, etc. will incur additional fees. The Platinum Service Package also does not include filling the fuel tank on RVs.
  2. Exterior Washing Service - RVs are large and washing them is not easy. If the RV exterior requires washing upon return we will be happy to provide this service for a fee.
  3. Interior Cleaning Service - If the RV is returned in a condition that requires cleaning before we can send it out on its next rental, we will clean the RV for a flat fee. Any excessive interior grime, stains, dirt or smoke damage requiring deep cleaning may incur additional fees for supplies and/or required contracted cleaning services.
  4. Septic Service - If the RV is returned with waste in the septic tanks, we will empty the tanks for you if you purchase this service.
  5. Propane Service - If the RV is returned with propane tanks that are less than full, we will fill the tanks for a flat fee.
  6. Fuel Service - If the fuel tank is not full, we will fill it for $50 + the actual cost of the fuel.